Brrr its cold here down by the lake


While I’m writing this it’s a balmy 21F degrees outside. Interestingly, it is warmer then it was  in December of 2008 in which temperatures dropped to around 8F degrees. Our lake is now officially frozen over.  I went down to take some shots of the lake to show you all how frozen it was. I tossed a small rock and the ice didn’t budge. I then tossed in a much larger rock that weighed roughly 20 pounds and again, it didn’t budge. Yikes! Anyway, here at the office some  stay warm with our Ladies Fleece jackets and our sherpa lined fleece jackets which both come in a variety of sizes to keep you cozy and warm all winter. For the kids the kid’s coats available in Cars, Tinkerbell, and princess.  In fact some of those products are so popular that they have already sold out because of the cold freeze that hit most of the country. Is your pond or lake frozen?

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  1. I ordered 3 items and 2 have came. the other is on back order. my charges were 26.80. now coming on my statement is 9.88. don’nt know where that came from, i have’nt bought anything for that much. just the three items .can you e-mail me and tell me why i’m being charged 9.88 and what it is or what it is i need to know what that is so i can take it out of my check book or put in what it is and what it is for. and balance my check book. if i did’nt order it i want to know what it is.and take it off my debit card. it was charged to my debit card and i don’t remember it. please email me back. thank you.

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