Wii accessories that you probably forgot you needed


The top selling next generation gaming console this year was the Wii. Most analysts said they weren’t surprised by the lack of availability of the Wii gaming console. Did you have a hard time finding a Wii? I came across this video about kids opening up Wii’s for presents, some of the kids are truly crazy and excited about getting this gift. Which brings up the point, you probably forgot to get some of these much needed Wii accessories that are “so important”, didn’t you? We carry a Game bag, so your kids can take their Wii over to their friends house, a micro-wheel which is great for games like Mario Kart and skins so that the controller is easier to handle. In addition to those accessories we have a Wii™ Game Blaster to aid in some games and a Wii charger station which is sold out at the moment. What is your favorite game for the Wii? Mine?  MarioKart64 (you have to download it from the Wii store).

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  1. Cadance says:

    We just got back from a trip to my cousins house where we had a Wii marathon playing Raving Rabbids 2…it is hilarious…definitely a game we will have to add to our library here at home!

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