Spring Weather, Changes Ahead


sparklin’ drops of spring, photo by Steve took it

Article by Cathy Bauer, Contact Center Manager

The weather down by the Lakeside is changing quickly.  Trees and flowers are blossoming and it is very clear that Spring is here, and Summer is in the not too distant future.  This time of year is always exciting.  Each day shows us new changes.  These changes are not just apparent in the weather or our gardens, but also in our lives.  It seems to me, as soon as the weather starts to improve that we also prepare for change.  Warm weather and daffodils, for me, also means a lot of family events.  Graduation invitations seem to start coming in as soon as the Spring showers start.  Graduation events seem to lead directly into Father’s Day and then we go right to Summer picnics.

These are annual events we all either look forward to or dread.  Luckily I have found a few items that help me prpare for graduation and Summer get togethers that will help simplify my shopping.  If you are like me with graduation celebrations, and family parties on your brain, why not try our Graduation Photo Album or Tassel Frame for only $4.95 or get ready for Father’s Day and Summer Picnics try our great BBQ Entertaining Necessities.

Hopefully you find the Lakeside Collection has the right gift idea or tool to help make your shopping simpler for these fun family events.

4 Responses

  1. Mindi says:

    I will never again order anything from this company. I have placed 3 orders everything is always backordered or out of stock. My husband ordered 2 things for me as a Birthday gift and we were never notified that one was out of stock until August. I ordered a month ago and was only sent 1 thing because the rest was out of stock. When you order things a sa gift you cant on the items coming on time or being in stock.

  2. Stephanie W. says:

    I am a very un happy customer, I ordered two garden stakes and the one was DEFECTIVE, I tried to use some tape around it but everytime the wind blew it knocked my flag over, the threads wouldn’t screw in, I have ordered from you many times and now I’m thinking twice… I am not happy, I want another stake, but I REFUSE to pay for the stake because its not fair.. I know things happen, I should of knew better because the box was severly damaged. I want another stake.. What can I do?

  3. Jodi S says:

    Dear Mindi,

    I am very sorry to hear that you have been having problems receiving your order. I would like to look into your order and assist you further.

    Please provide your contact and order information to help@lakeside.com so I may contact you directly.

    Jodi S.
    Customer Care Specialist

  4. Jodi S says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    I am so sorry to hear that you have received a defective product. I would like to send a replacement stake out to you. Please forward your account information to help@lakeside.com, so I may assist you further.

    Jodi S.
    Customer Care Specialist

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