New Christmas Wishes Catalog

All the best holiday gifts at irresistible low prices can be found inside this exciting new catalog!

Try the Set Of 3 Silicone Christmas Bakers makes it simple to bake mini cakes, shortbread cookies, spiced bread, cupcakes and more, all 3 for only $7.95.  If you want to continue the yummy smell in the house, try the TimberWick™ Candles .  In addition to the unique wicks, these candles have delightful, room-filling scents.  Select from Candied Apple, campfire-inspired Ember Glow, Warm Gingerbread and Vanilla Brulee.   Find 100’s of items for yourself and for gift giving in this new catalog!

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  1. Rose Schuldt says:

    Sure, order from the Christmas Catalog this year, and you might get your order by the time next Christmas rolls around.
    I still don’t have all of my order from the 5th of this month yet.

  2. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Rose,

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today regarding your order delivery time. I was sorry to hear that the last shipment of merchandise has not yet arrived to your location.

    Stock availability is now available online when your order and when you phone in your orders. We do anticipate shipping in stock merchandise out in 6-12 business days, varying due to the address location.

    Should you have any questions with future orders, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at or contact me through the phone number I provided while we spoke.

    Warmest Regards,

    Jodi S
    eCommerce Customer Care Specialist

  3. Patricia Hawkins says:

    I recently purchased some items from your catolog online and had them delivered to my mother house. The box was torn and so was the merchandise even though it was torn I shall keep can’t afford to ship it back needless to say my two experiences with shopping with you have not been pleasant. I have other family and friends who want to order from you but what shall I tell them since my experience was not that well.

  4. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Patricia,

    I was so sorry to read of your mother receiving her shipment in the condition described in your posting. This is not typical of the level of service that The Lakeside Collection likes to provide.

    We stand behind our products and offer 100% customer satisfaction gurantee. With no further cost to you, please forward to me your account and order information to, so that I may speak with you directly. I want to ensure that your products ordered are received and in great condition.

    Warmest Regards,

    Jodi S
    eCommerce Customer Care Specialist

  5. Angela Johnson says:

    Just RECEIVED my order and am very happy! I will order again before Christmas!

  6. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Angela,

    I am so pleased to hear of your satisfaction in the products you received from us. We search all over for many unique quality items to offer to our customers at a great savings. Hearing such happiness from our customers makes it all worth while.

    Thank you sincerely, for your continued patronage.

    Jodi S
    eCommerce Customer Support Specialist

  7. Sandra Vinson says:

    Recently I purchased the flatware set and even though we paid careful attention to the washing directions and have not used any lemon products they are rusting. We did put them in the dishwasher and have hand washed a few times. This flatware is not a good quality and the finish is very thin. I won’t return them because it is too much trouble. We have had the set less than a month. I thought you needed to know more about this product. I have ordered other items over the past few years and have been very satisfied.

  8. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Sandra,

    I was so sorry to read about the current condition of the silverware you received. I have located your account and issued a refund for both the product amount and shipping, back to the credit card used. Please allow 72 hours for this to show posted on your account.

    Thank you for contacting us with your concern. I have forwarded your comments to our quality team for an item review.

    I am here to assist you should you require any further assistance. Please contact me directly at

    Jodi S
    Customer Care Specialist

  9. sara d says:

    I order from Lakeside every year and love their products! The one customer service question I ever had was handled quickly, courteously and to my satisfaction. They are an excellent company and they’ll get my business for years to come! I’m in love with the fantastic prices, and the gifts are outstanding! Shipping can take a bit longer than some companies, but at these prices and this quality, it’s worth the wait!!

  10. pat livingston says:

    would like to have your christmas catalog and your seasonal catalogs.

  11. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Pat,

    Thank you so much for posting on our blog. You may request a catalog by going to our website Please allow three weeks to receive your first mailing. Happy Shopping!

    Warm Regards,


  12. vicki radel says:

    I have ordered from lakeside numerous times and my orderd were fine. the merchandise is very unique!

  13. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Vicki,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience with the Lakeside Collection. We love to hear from our customer’s and it is great to know that what we work so hard for has resulted in another satisfied customer.

    Hope you have a magnificent day!

    Warm Regards,


  14. Sandy Hosey says:

    I have been shopping from your Lakeside catolog for almost seven years now. I have found it so much more convenient than trapsing all over town, wasint time, gas and energy. I have found the attendents most helpful and courteous. I have never been disappointed with anything I have gotten and have found the prices most of the time cheaper than in the local malls. I have also told many of my friends about your catolog. Thank you so much. Sandy

  15. jodis4care says:

    Greetings Sandy,

    What a wonderful heartfelt post. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Lakeside. We truly appreciate you as a longstanding customer and thank you for all the recommendations you have given over the years.

    Have a great weekend!


  16. I want luv to receive your Christmas Catalog .

    • jodis4care says:

      Hi Tylisha- We are delighted that you would love to receive our Christmas Catalog. Please send an email to with your contact information and we will mail a catalog out to you.
      We look forward to assisting you with your order. In the meantime, you may visit our homepage at to view our catalogs online or place orders online.
      Should you have any questions please give us a call at phone number (847) 444-3150 and any of our agents will be happy to assist you.

      Djenebou Montgomery
      Customer Support Specialist

  17. sharon torres says:

    Yes, i would like to have a new christmas catalog, and a new fall catalog please!! im doing all my christmas shopping through your catalog, sooooo if i order november 3rd, will i get my order before christmas????????? thanks lakeside’ll are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jodis4care says:

      Hi Sharon-We are happy that you love Lakeside Collection. We are excited that you will place your Christmas order with us. If you place an order early November you will receive the items by Christmas. When you place your order with a live representative they will advise you if all your items are in stock or if any are backordered. If you place the order online at our website which is you will also be provided with item availability.
      Please send us an email to with your contact information. We will be happy to mail a catalog out for you.
      We look forward to assisting you with placing your order.

      Djenebou Montgomery
      Customer Support Specialist

  18. donna herron says:

    i ordered my catolog couple weeks ago when will i get will i be able

    • jodis4care says:

      Hi Donna-Please send an email to with your contact information and we will be happy to mail a catalog out for you if one has not already been mailed out. Catalog request can take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks.

      You may also visit our website at to view our products online. You can place online orders 24 hours a day seven days a week. We look forward to assisting you.

  19. cheryl romeo says:

    i would like your christmas catalog thank you

  20. Shirley M Johnson says:

    I want to place and order and have never done it online from lakeside and want to know how in the world I get to the order people

    • All I want to do is place an order, get my postage free and see that I have a few gifts for Christmas ahead of time. This is online if you can help please.

      • Elaine Lakeside says:

        Hi Shirley – We are sorry to see that your having trouble. Our Customer Service Representatives can be reached at 847-444-3150 and would be more than happy to assist you.

    • Elaine Lakeside says:

      Hi Shirley – You can call our Customer Service agents at 847-444-3150. They can walk you through the process of placing an order online or take it over the phone for you.

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