Those Adorable Ballerinas!

Check out this adorable little girl who like a lot of little girls loves ballet and ballerina items.  Brad, the proud papa works here and has no problems showing off pictures of his precious happy ballerina.  Problem is she wants to sleep in her costume too which really isn’t the most comfortable PJ’s to wear.  The problem is now solved and he wanted to share his solution with you all in case anyone else has run into this.  The item that saved the day is the Matching Girl & Doll Nightgown and even better yet both nightgowns are only $9.95!  Your little girl can dress her doll in a nightgown just like the one she’s wearing.  The gowns feature an image of ballet shoes in the center with ruffled trim on the sleeves and hem.   Sweet Dreams little Ballerinas everywhere!

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