Train Mania

Many parents observe that young children (especially boys) adore trains.  Of all the forms of transportation, trains seem to take the cake.  Children are fascinated by the giant cargo-bearing cars linked together zipping down the tracks.  They cannot get enough of the ‘whoo-whoo’ of the locomotive as it chugs along. 

In the industrial spirit of trains, now kids can create their favorite toy for themselves.  The Build a Working Wood Vehicle train kit allows kids to leverage a tool (screwdriver) to build their toy.  This kit includes solid pine pieces (with pre-drilled holes), a screwdriver, screws and instructions.  Click here to view kit

Build A Working Wood Vehicle Kits

If your child prefers the roads and fields to the rails, also offered are Tow Truck and Tractor vehicle kits.  All kits are $9.95/kit.

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  1. Mindi Van Ry says:

    How can we get instructions to put together the train set that we ordered. item # 920166030?

    • jodis4care says:

      Greetings Mindi,

      I emailed you the instructions. Please give us a call at our customer service phone number (847)444-3150 if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this product. We would be happy to assist you.

      Warm Regards,

      Djenebou Montgomery
      Customer Service Specialist

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