Holiday Family Travel Tips

As autumn rolls in, many people start planning their holiday travel. Whether you are heading over the river and through the woods or getting ready to hop off the plane at LAX, you want to be prepared for the big trip. We have pulled together some of our favorite family travel tips and products to help make your vacation amazing.

(1) On a plane or in a car, reading is a great quite activity kids can enjoy. However selection of the perfect book is key. Tossing a copy of A Tale of Two Cities to your 9 year old will likely lead to the worst of times. We recommend the 2012 Guinness World Records Book. It’s interesting and engaging, and could even be a fun family guessing game (how tall is the largest man?)

(2) Can you believe how many travelers check plain black bags? It always seems that the pink ribbon you tie around the handle falls off or is not visible on the luggage belt. However traveling can be easier (and more fashionable) for your kids. The 2-Pc. Girls’ luggage sets come in fun patterns like Hearts, Peace and Butterflies that can’t be missed (assuming your luggage actually makes it to your destination city).

(3) Entertainment on the road or at the grandparents’ house is often very limited. The trick to keeping kids well-behaved is offering them an entertaining toy that travels well. For kids 8+ we suggest Find It Brain Teaser Game. This game is the ultimate I spy cylinder with colorful beads and hidden items for your eagle-eyed kids to enjoy.

Wherever you are headed this holiday season, preparation is the key. A little planning will make the whole trip so much more enjoyable for you and your family.

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  1. My cousin always marked his bags with duct tape when he was a teenager. He loved the show “MASH” so he put that on his huge old Samsonite…it was colorful and hard to miss!

  2. That’s so funny, what a clever idea

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