Secret Products: Dark Chocolate Wine Sticks

Did you know some of Lakeside Collection’s best products are not in the catalog?  Today I will feature one such hidden gem, Dark Chocolate Wine Sticks.  These delectable candies are made with a soft center that embodies the essence of the wine flavor, though the alcohol has been cooked off.  This sweet indulgence is the perfect post-dinner treat whether it’s accenting ice cream or being paired with coffee.

Choose from Cabernet, Champagne or Port flavors.  Right now these secret products are on special for just $4.95 (save 50%).  For the holidays, Dark Chocolate Wine Sticks make a wonderfully unique present for wine aficionados and candy lovers alike.

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  1. I just had my first ChocoWine this past weekend. I liked it a lot, and so did about 4 of 5 others at the dinner. It had more of a alcohol bite than I expected, but not to an unpleasant level. Our bottle was 14% alcohol. You could just tell it had a bit of a kick.

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