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Start the New Year off right by getting your home in order.  Below are some clever tips for organizing your home for 2012. Ref.

(1) Using reusable tote bags for shopping is a must.  Even so, everyone has a stash of plastic grocery bags.  Organize those bags by storing them in an empty tissue box under your sink.

(2) Kitchen cabinet space is tricky to keep well organized.  Place a small tension rod about 4 inches deep in your drawer.

(3) Store lids standing up in the front part and pots and pans on the other side.

(4) Make your storage functional.  Use seating that doubles as storage for gaming & entertainment equipment.

(5) Being organized it not just about putting things away, but also by making neat what is out in the open.  To organize messy cords behind your TV/computer, try using Velcro tape.

(6) Avoid drilling holes in your walls to create more shelf space.  An under shelf organizer slides on the shelf you already have to add space and functionality.

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