Cinderella Story

On this day in 1950 Cinderella opened in theaters. The Disney feature film took six years to make and is still regarded today by many as one of the best animated films of all time. In honor of this anniversary, here are some fun facts about the movie, courtesy of IMDB.

– Not only is the name of the Prince never revealed, he is nowhere in the film mentioned as “Prince Charming”.
– Lucifer was modeled after animator Ward Kimball’s cat. Animators were having trouble coming up with a good design for that cat, but once Walt Disney saw Kimball’s furry calico, he declared, “There’s your Lucifer.”
– To save money when animating the pumpkin coach, the animators drew the coach to seemingly float on air so that they would not have to animate the turning wheels or the filigrees.

Even after 62 years, Cinderella is still wildly popular with young girls around the world. Below are some cool items featuring the original rags to riches girl.

Disney 67 Pc. Art Set

Disney Bowling Set

Disney Bean Bag Chair

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