Redesign For Less

The tough economy is causing many families to put big remodeling projects on hold. Just because you cannot afford to overhaul your bathroom, does not mean you are stuck looking at the same old space. There are a few easy, (and most important) inexpensive changes you can make to transform your bathroom without the time and expense of a renovation.

Tip 1: Scrub Down – It’s amazing how a small space like a bathroom can be totally transformed with just a good scrub down. Instead of replacing dull and spotted brass fixtures, polish them up! Simply cut a lemon in half, dip it in salt, rub on the brass and wipe with a clean cloth. For those ugly soap scum spots on shower doors, just dampen a dryer sheet and wipe along your shower doors to clean unsightly film.

Tip 2: Redecorate On A Dime – Certain accent pieces have a big impact in changing the way a room looks. A new bathroom set can give the impression of a brand new space and it costs a fraction of a major renovation. Simply substituting a new rug and shower current can completely transform the attitude of a space. Check out these great deals:

Tip 3: Follow Your Nose – Never underestimate how smell influences the perception people will have of a room. For your bath this is especially true. Candles are cheap and beautiful…just be sure to light them in an open space out of the reach of children or clumsy guests’ sleeves.

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