Loco Taco Toppings

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner so we are exploring some unique topping ideas for tacos. Everyone knows the taco staples; meat, lettuce, tomatoes, sours cream, guacamole, onions, cheese, salsa. However there are some great additional toppings that add delicious flavor. (ref. hr2033.org)

• Shallots – these mild green onions are a great option so those who like onions can get the flavor without having to cook it into the meat
• Lime Juice – fresh or bottled, a squeeze of lime juice adds a refreshing flavor
• Garlic – Just fry up a few cloves and allow each person to add as they please. Alternately you can have garlic powder available for a quick dash of flavor.
• Cilantro – try fresh cut into small pieces and sprinkled on top
• Barbeque Sauce – BBQ sauce is a flavorful alternative to salsa for those who can’t take the heat

Set of 8 Taco Stand-Ups

Set of 8 Taco Stand-Ups

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