Buyers’ Picks – Items We Love Smencils®

Last Buyer’s Pick our buyers highlighted one of their favorite trends this year, owls, with the Owl Friend Bath Ensemble.  This week, our Stationery Buyer Chrissy wanted to feature a top trend for kids…Smencils®!  Throughout the office here in Chicago people have been discussing the rapidly growing popularity of these sweet-smelling writing utensils.  Here is what Chrissy had to say about her pick this week:

My Buyer Pick today is the Sets of 10 Smencils®.  You won’t believe all the amazing scents! I love them because they are soaked in gourmet liquid scents (made by an award winning fragrance company).  Some of the fun scents include cotton candy, cinnamon and root beer. Each Smencil® is wrapped in its own corn-based biodegradable freshness tube to preserve it. All 10 are packaged in a reusable zippered case for storage.  Smencils® are actually made of 100% recycled newspaper.  They work just like a regular pencil, but smell awesome!  

                              -Chrissy, Stationery Buyer

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