Rock ‘N Roll Wednesday

We recently posted how Lakeside is all about Peace, Love, and Rock ‘N Roll this summer. It seemed fitting to pay tribute to one of the ultimate rock ‘n roll anniversaries today, the August 15, 1969 Woodstock festival opening in Bethel, New York. Here is some interesting Woodstock trivia courtesy of

– The dove perched on a guitar neck in the famous poster announcing ‘Three Days of Peace and Music’ is really a catbird, an American perching bird known for its catlike calls

– About two dozen ticket booths should have been in place to charge $24 admission, but they were never installed because of the crush of festival-goers. Attempts to get people to pay were abandoned on day one, the fences were torn down and Woodstock was declared a free event.

– The performance of The Star-Spangled Banner by Jimi Hendrix that closed Woodstock was described by the rock critic from the New York Post as ‘the single greatest moment of the Sixties’. Yet it was witnessed by just a fraction of the crowd. Most had gone home by the time Hendrix came on stage, at 9am on a Monday morning.

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