Four Must Have Fashion Accessory Trends

clear-bag-spring-2013Fashion trends come and go, but that’s what makes following them fun. Who didn’t rock feathered bangs in the 80’s? A great new top or skirt is nice but what can make or break an outfit are your accessories. A great bag, necklace or pair of shoes can really bring life to your outfit. We don’t want you to miss a beat this spring so check out our four must have fashion accessory trends for the spring.

Clear Accessories
Just about every fashion site is talking about clear accessories. This can be a great bag,  pair of shoes or  bracelets. Don’t think clear means no color. Many designers are using bright colors that are also see-through. Check out some of the accessories Glamour is showcasing.

A Great Bag
A purse is something most of us can’t leave home without. We need all kinds of bags to make sure we have the perfect look with each outfit. A great bag goes with just about anything, and is also functional enough for every day. Take a look at all of the purses, totes and wallets we have available for spring—there is something for everyone.

Bold Color Bracelets
Just like the home décor trend, fashion accessories are getting a boost of color this spring. Fuchsia, tangerine, canary yellow and electric blue are just some of the great colors we will be seeing. has a great overview of how to make this a trend you can wear easily. We also recommend our over-the-door jewelry valet to keep all of your new accessories organized.

Black and White Patterns
If bold colors just aren’t your thing, you are in luck because black and white patterns are also a great trend to follow. Any black and white pattern will do this spring whether it is striped or geometric. SaksPOV has some great ideas that translate well from the runway to the office. Our Printed Flyaway 2-fer Top is a great addition to your wardrobe and is in line with this trend.

What’s your favorite trend this spring? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

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