Top 5 Ideas to Woo Your Valentine


Go Gourmet

The saying goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the same can be said for most women as well. Valentine’s day is a wonderful occasion to cook for your sweetheart, and crafting a meal from scratch is the perfect way to show how much you care.

Begin early in the year by gathering information – notice if they order a similar dish at every restaurant you visit, or if they gush about a particular dish they had once in their life. Also make sure you find out if there are any foods on their “no fly list”- hated ingredients or worse, foods that cause an allergic reaction. If you’re not the Top Chef type, consider having a meal catered. That way you and your lover can enjoy a bottle of wine while a team of professionals handle the work, and the clean up.

Finally, many local restaurants and even some artisanal grocery stores offer cooking classes on everything from seafood to gourmet chocolate desserts. Book a class for two and get your hands dirty alongside your valentine.

Make it into a Game
In the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, power couple Marshall and Lily are known for the epic couples’ games. In one episode Marshall creates a game for and centered around Lily, appropriately titled Lily-al Pursuit. The game featured trivia about Lily as well as their relationship, and was a fun and special tribute to his love for her.

This Valentine’s Day you can channel your inner Marshall and create a game for your valentine to play. Maybe it features fun facts about your relationship, photos or miniature recreations of special mementos or gifts you’ve shared, or even carefully planned recreations of special dates from the past year. Make sure the “winner” of the game gets a special prize at the end- a gift or a destination to make the experience a whole new experience to remember.

Focus On Their Hobbies
If you want to ensure that your valentine has a perfect day, then craft your plans around an activity that you know your sweetheart loves or has always wanted to try. If your girlfriend’s Pinterest board is littered with images of horses but she’s never ridden one, arrange a moonlit stroll on horseback and surprise her at the stables.

Likewise, if your husband likes to ride along with his pilot friend you can plan a helicopter ride over the city lights or even a flying lesson of his own. The trick is to pay attention to their interests, even if it seems like a faraway dream. That way you can turn your lover’s Valentine’s day into a real life dream come true.

Put a Little Hands on Effort into it
To make your Valentine’s Day gift extra special, put some work into it. Even if you’re not the crafty type, there are hundreds of step by step tutorials and fail proof projects online for the most novice of crafters. After all, if your seven year old self could create a masterpiece out of glue and popsicle sticks to make your mother cry, there’s no reason you can’t whip up a special something for your sweetheart by February 14th.

The reason you should consider making your gift by hand, even if you end up complementing it with something store bought, is that it shows you care enough to spend something more precious than money; your time. Some dead simple homemade gift ideas include a mix CD featuring love songs and important tunes from your relationship and a photo of the two of your as a cover; homemade baked goods; or personalized coffee or tea mugs (simply write a message on a porcelain mug with a Sharpie and the bake in the oven).

Be a Local Tourist
Even if you’re not in a position to drop big bucks on a vacation this Valentine’s Day, you and your lover can have an adventure in your own town by pretending to be new to the area. Get a free map from the local tourism office and plan your journey; check out a museum you missed when you were in grade school, have dinner at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out, and end the night with a walking tour or pub crawl that will point out some fun facts you never knew about the city where you live.

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