5 Ways You Didn’t Think of To Use a Curtain

wildflower-curtainOver the years, many of us have accumulated a lot of stuff. Whether that be clothes, sheets, curtains or all of the above there are plenty of unused items lying around the house. Instead of throwing them away or having them take up precious space, why not use them in a different way? Below are five ways you can use your unused curtains.

Decorative pillows can range from affordable like our 2-Pc. Embroidered Pillow Sets to downright expensive. If you are on a tight budget this spring and can’t afford to purchase new pillows, you’re in luck. Use an old curtain to make a throw pillow yourself. With a few stitches and some stuffing you can have a great pillow for little to no-cost.

Shower Curtain
You might search and search and never find the exact shower curtain you want. A quick designer tip is to use an old curtain. Hang the curtain higher than a normal shower curtain, make sure you have a liner and voila! A new shower curtain that looks luxurious for a fraction of the cost.

Bed skirt
Updating your bed skirt can change the look and feel of your entire bedroom. Instead of purchasing a new bed skirt, see if you can use your old curtains. With the right color or design you will be surprised of the outcome.

Cloth napkins are another one of those great to have, but don’t really want to buy items. Unless you are entertaining on a monthly basis most of us don’t have cloth napkins lying around. By cutting up your old curtains you can get some really great looking napkins that are unique to your house.

Hang higher
Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything to the curtain to transform the look. If you don’t have a vaulted ceiling but love the look, you can trick your guests into thinking you do. Instead of hanging your curtains directly above a window hang them a few feet above the window. If your curtains are long enough you will create an elongated look and make the entire room look bigger.

Have you recycled your old curtains? Tell us about your DIY project in the comments below.

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