Top 10 Peplum Wedding Dresses from Spring 2013

The wedding day is one of the few occasions where women struggle to choose between time honored traditions and their individual style. A peplum wedding dress could give you the best of both worlds.

Sassi Holford’s ‘So Sassi’ Collection
Bianca is a beautiful peplum wedding dress designed by Sassi Holford. This dress is incredibly sleek and simple.

Bianca works for the bride who wants to keep a traditional dress in mind while adopting their own style, but for some brides they may find its simplicity a little bland.


Claire Pettibone’s Peplum Wedding Dress Collection Spring 2013
Claire Pettibone’s off the shoulder and highly detailed lace dress is absolutely stunning. Hazel is designed with vintage fashion in mind and it makes for an inspired alternative to the structured peplum dress design.

The free flowing almost floating fabric adds to the vintage look and feel of this wedding dress. Despite the dress’s outlandish appearance it incorporates the peplum very delicately.

Reem Acra’s Peplum Collection
If you’re a lover of lace and long sleeves then one of Reem Acra’s dresses from his fall 2013 collection could be the winner for you! His peplum waistband dress is literally lavished in lace.

The elegant and almost eccentric design is guaranteed to get people talking. Reem’s wedding dress is made of beautifully detailed lace fabric and includes a high neck, luscious long sleeves, a lace fishtail skirt, a buttoned back and the peplum detail that women are so keen to include in their wedding dresses.


Ines De Santo Peplum Collection
The Ines De Santo collection of peplum wedding dresses is simply stunning. One look and you know they are designer high quality dresses that make your wedding day memorable. For a wedding dress that is original, unique and magical, without losing an ounce of femininity then the Ines De Santo peplum collection is the only choice for you.

Alvina Valenta
The Alvina Valenta dress is similar to the Bianca dress in the sense that it is simplistic and almost classical in nature and design. However, this stunning satin dress offers a small, slight peplum which complements the rest of the dress.

If you want a satin peplum wedding dress that is understated, simplistic and yet stunning then this could be the dress for you.

Kenneth Pool Peplum Dress Spring 2013
If you’re looking for a big, beautiful soft and flouncy peplum dress then the Kenneth Pool peplum dress from his spring 2013 collection is certainly a dress worthy of your consideration. The peplum almost melts into this beautiful layered dress which gives lots of volume without looking bloated and uncomfortable. The gorgeous detailing and natural waves of the dress are sure to have your man melt as he watches you walk down the aisle.


Elizabeth Filmore Peplum Dress
If you’re having an outdoor wedding and you want a backless peplum dress rich with lace detail then the Elizabeth Filmore peplum dress is certainly the perfect partner for your outdoor wedding. The simple elegant dress is sure to look simply stunning on brides that are tall and slim. Add a white flower arrangement to the hair for a natural beauty that begs to be seen.

Monique Lhuillier Peplum Wedding Dress Spring 2013
Monique Lhuiller is making waves on the catwalk, as are her beautiful peplum wedding dresses. Intricate lace layers and big bows underneath the bosom make this a very unusual peplum wedding dress. However, its graceful free flowing layers are sure to make it very popular with brides to be.


Carolina Herrera Peplum Wedding Dress
From the extrovert and the intricate of the Monique Lhullier dress to the simplistic and the understated, Carolina Herrera’s satin peplum wedding dress for spring 2013 is uncomplicated and uncompromising in it’s beauty. Combine this dress with a simple and slightly oversized bouquet for a beautiful bang on trend look at your wedding.


Angel Sanchez Peplum Wedding Dress
If there’s one name being whispered fervently on the catwalk and throughout the wedding dress industry it’s Angel Sanchez. Angel’s breathtaking peplum wedding dresses are stunning and no matter what your style or taste you are sure to find something in this exquisite collection that catches your eye and reminds you of how much fun it is to be a bride.

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