5 Easy Ways to Get Organized at Home

Beverly-Hills-Polo-Club-StorageBeing organized for some people is easier said than done. Many of us have days where we take the time to clean and organize our home to perfection. Fast forward a week or two later and we are back at square one. So how can you crack the organization code and keep your clutter at bay? Check out these five easy ways to get organized.

Find Multiple Uses for Everyday Items
Organizing can be expensive if you start buying a ton of containers and other organizing must-haves. This doesn’t have to be the case. Have some empty jewelry boxes you’re about to throw out? Instead, paperclip the boxes together and make handy drawer organizers for pens, pencils and other miscellaneous items.

Shower hooks are also a great way to hang your hand-bags in your closet. This allows you to keep your purses at eye-level and gets them off the floor. A win, win. Real Simple had the genius idea of using an old tissue box as a plastic bag dispenser—who would have thought?!?

Think Togetherness
The bathroom is a great example of how things can get messy fast. Women have tons of make-up products, hair products and let’s not forget all the lotion. Instead of having everything thrown on top of the vanity, start by grouping like products together. Once you know what items go with what it’s time to contain the clutter with a basket, box or other bathroom storage device. You’ll be surprised how much more room you’ll get by doing this.

Bring it to the Kitchen
Do you use wire shelving in other areas of your home? Why not incorporate some shelving inside your refrigerator? TidyMom has some other great ideas for your fridge–you can check them out here. Other shelving ideas work wonders in the kitchen. Organize your never ending spice collection with some shelves inside your cabinet door. This frees up countertop space and precious shelving inside your cabinets.

When in Doubt Go Vertical
Shelves are great for numerous reasons. They can add style to a room, bring more storage to small areas and in some instances both. If you are running short on space, think about how you can store items on a shelf. Not a fan of showcasing clutter? There are creative ways around this. If you have a bookcase that has more than books on it—hang a curtain over it. This adds color to the room and hides your items you don’t want on display.

Everything Needs a Place
This is the most important part of organizing. If you don’t have a place for something—find one. Make sure everyone in the family understands where things go and stick to the rules. This might be a big change for your family so become a stickler for the rules at first. After a couple weeks, your new organization schedule will become routine and no one will think twice.

Organizing takes time and dedication. There will be bumps in the road, but eventually it will become second nature. Studies have shown clutter can increase stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. Taking the right steps to a clutter free home can drastically decrease all of these symptoms. Setbacks may happen, but that’s ok. Eventually you’ll have a great looking home that reduces stress at the same time.

Do you have some great organizing tips we missed? Share your favorite tips in the comments below.

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