Make your Graphic T-shirt more Stylish with these Tips

Graphic T’s are a great way to show off your relaxed carefree style. It is true there are variety of shirts available out there in the world, and the nice thing about this fashion is you don’t have to invest a great deal of money. Graphic T’s can say anything from a funny catchphrase to simple the name of your favorite store. It is not necessarily the graphic T that makes the fashion it is how you dress it.

With Cut-offs
One of the most common trends to see with graphic T’s is a pair of worn cut-off shorts. It is one of the most relaxed styles that you can go with, and it allows you to show off a nice pair of legs without having to do all of the work to look red carpet ready. Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus are infamous for this style. It is a great look for a nice stroll around the block.


Image Credit: Stylist

 Make a Statement
Just because the graphic T is a relaxed look does not mean that you cannot support a cause with it. You can either have some custom letters printed on it (the bigger the better) or a beautiful image to show what you stand for. This can be your local cause, world peace or even your freelance business (why not?)

Add a Jacket
There is no reason you have to worry about getting cold just because you want to wear your favorite worn out T–simply throw on a stylish jacket. It  not only dresses up your favorite T, but it also gives you a little extra warmth should it get a little breezy in the evening.


Image Credit: Celeb De’la Cream


Mini Skirts and T’s
Shorts are a great pairing for the graphic T, but do not forget about the mini skirt. It offers a little bit of dressiness to the entire ensemble, allows you to be comfortable, but it also allows you to show off a stylish pair of shoes that can bring the entire outfit together. Shorts are not the only way to show off your legs while strutting your favorite T, and in the cooler months throw on a pair of tights. The outfit will still work and you had minimal investment in order to adjust your wardrobe.

Image Credit: feminspire

Image Credit: feminspire

Free Flowing Skirts
Graphic Ts definitely express one thing–a relaxed attitude, so when you are not trying to dress up your graphic T with a cute little mini skirt have a little fun with something looser and a little bit more comfortable. It is a great style that allows you to express your easy going nature without sacrificing your style.


Image Credit: Miss Ivy

Vest Anyone?
You may have that vest sitting in the back of your closet that you have no idea what to do with it. The graphic T is your answer. You do not have to have a complex wardrobe to add a little depth. Simply combine some of the items  you already have but have not had the opportunity to wear recently. The vest can help to bring the graphic T to the next level and avoid the just rolled out of bed appearance.


Image Credit: Catalogue of Style

Add a Belt
There is nothing that says that just because you are throwing on an old shirt of your favorite band or character means that it has to be a certain style. Spice up your graphic T with the right accessories. An attractive belt, bangles, or even rings can help take a rather plain ordinary outfit and make it extraordinary. Multiple bracelets are rather popular right now so have a little bit of fun with your costume jewelry while you are at it.


Image Credit: Cats and Cardigans

The Right Pair of Pants
Graphic Ts are great. You can throw on a plain pair of pants and make them kind of interesting with the right top. The same thing can be said about the right kind of pants with an otherwise plain graphic T. Find a cute pair of pants, throw in a graphic T, and accessorize. You will have quite the impressive outfit in no time.


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