Top Four Qualities To Look For In A Mattress

It is finally time to let go of your old mattress which has served you well. Now, you have to find a new mattress that can provide you with comfort, support, and high quality sleep. But where do you start?

Selecting a new bed that can provide excellent support and comfort is essential to help you enjoy undisturbed sleep. In addition, it also lowers the chances of waking up to body aches and pains. Finding the right mattress is especially important if you suffer from lower back pains. But with the number of mattress types available along with its promotions and special features, shopping for the right mattress can be very challenging. For this reason, you must have an understanding of the qualities that a mattress should have. This will help you properly evaluate and compare different cushions.

Qualities Of A Good Mattress

The most important step to selecting a mattress is to understand the four basic qualities of a good mattress. These qualities will help you compare different types of mattresses objectively; however, you must also factor in your personal preferences and needs along with your budget.

The springs and coils must provide back support.

You have to understand that the coils in spring mattresses come in various thicknesses. If the gauge number is lower, it means that the wire is thicker and stiffer, and the cushion is firmer. Additionally, higher level of steel coils may also indicate that the bed is of higher quality, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best one in the market. You should make your own judgment when it comes to choosing which mattress best provides you with the support you need.

The padding must provide comfort.

Aside from checking the coils in a mattress, you must also consider the padding used. The padding is located on top of the cushion and this can indicate the quality of the mattress. There are cushion paddings that are made with polyurethane foam, polyester, or cotton. This layer provides you the comfort you need. In fact, extensive padding is considered more expensive because it can provide more comfort than others.

The padding must also accommodate your sleeping position to ensure your comfort throughout the night. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • If you are a side sleeper, you will need more padding since this position is more likely to create more pressure points.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, you will benefit more from a firmer padding.
  • If you sleep on your back, you will need a padding that is medium-firm.

The box spring must provide additional support.

The foundation of the mattress is usually made with wood or metal frame with springs. A wooden frame will make the mattress feel firmer than using foundation with springs. If you are thinking of buying a wooden box spring, you must make sure that it doesn’t have any cracks and it must look straight. It is advisable to buy a mattress and box spring set since this will make the bed more comfortable and will help preserve the cushion.

The mattress must be durable.

You will be using the same bed for the next 10 years; thus, it is essential for the cushion to be able to provide adequate support and comfort throughout the years. The durability of the cushion is highly dependent upon the quality of its materials and the way it was constructed. In addition, some cushions have special features that can protect it against common sturdiness problems, such as stains, sagging, and edge breakdown.

The author, Kris Bennette, is a shopping consultant and lifestyle blogger. She offers mattress shopping guides for her readers to help them find the right mattress from reputable mattress stores Portland Oregon.

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