Three Ways to Wear Jean Shorts This Summer

With the New Year of 2013 brought along a couple of new styles and looks that took the fashion industry by storm. From colorful, long flowing maxi dresses to short crop tops, these looks were built to stun and fascinate buyers. One article of clothing that continues to hit the top of the charts in popularity is none other than jean shorts.

Jean shorts can be worn in a variety of styles, but there are three main looks that are sure to be a hit this summer. Of the three alluring looks includes the following:

Hip Huggers: The first look you need to rock this summer features low rising shorts that hug the hips perfectly. It doesn’t matter what the color or cut is: bright and spunky hot pink shorts or rugged, torn jeans. Whatever low rising hip huggers you choose, they’re sure to be a hit. Pair these shorts up with a long, customized tee and a pair of cute sandals to complete the look.


Image Credit: FasinFrank

High Waist: High waisted jeans are all the rage this year. This type of look pairs up best with short crop tops as well as bandeaus, which just so happen to be the number one look this year. You can easily wear this outfit with a pair of sandals or high top sneakers, depending on your specific taste.


Image Credit: AMI Club Wear

Long Jeans: Last on the list of top three jeans to rock this year includes jeans that run down to the knees. These shorts look great paired up with a tight tank top of any color choice.


Image Credit: ASOS

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