Shopping Online can be a Frugal Decision: Yay or Nay

We may be a far cry from the days when people used yay, nay, thy and thou in day to day language, but that doesn’t mean that times aren’t as tough as they were back then. Despite the economic challenges faced by millions of families and homeowners across the USA, UK, and Europe the great news is that modern technology, such as the Internet, can enable us to make frugal purchases.

The common belief is the Internet is always the best source for economical penny saving purchases, but this isn’t always the case. It’s just as easy (if not easier) to overspend online as it is in the store. In this article we’ll look at the top money saving tips to ensure saving money while shopping online.

Avoid Big Brands and Search for Discount Retailers
We all love to buy a well known brand, especially when it comes to clothing items and fashionable accessories, but heading straight to the websites of your favorite brands could be costing you more money than you really need to spend.


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Instead, search for websites that can give you access to the brands you love for less. Discount retailers can offer great prices because they sell stock that can’t be sold in store and that is slightly out of season.

However, this is where there are some serious bargains to be had, and the savvy online shopper can grab some great deals from online discount retailers.

Before you start searching for discount retailers is sure to curve your spending before it’s even begun by following these top tips:

–Write a list of what you actually want and need. This will stop you overspending online.

–Give yourself a budget and stick to it. If you think you may give in to temptation then make sure someone shops online with you to keep you’re spending in check.

–Before you pay online you should have a chance to review your purchases. Use this opportunity to review your basket and again ask yourself if you’re really getting a great deal.

Sign up for Email Updates and Shop during Online Sales

Even internet stores have sales, and the best way stay up to date with the latest sales and bargains is to subscribe to your favorite online shopping websites.

This can be a double sided coin, as getting updates on a regular basis can encourage you to spend more than you need, but if you think you can execute the self control then subscribe to newsletters and treat yourself when the online sales start!

Online sales may include:

–Reduced prices on items
–Free shipping for a certain period
–Discounts when you spend over X amount
–Discounts on end of season items
–bird discounts

Auction Websites, Private Online Sales and Recycling Sites
More and more people are selling their unwanted items on auction websites, giving you the opportunity to grab a bargain.

Again, it’s all too easy to go overboard on an auction website, so set a budget and stick to your limit!

Private online sales are the equivalent of ads in the newspaper. Search online for local listings to see if you can find a bargain near you!


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Recycling websites are the height of fab frugal shopping online. Using recycle websites users can swap items or give away items for free! From clothes to furniture to garden items, you’ll be surprised what you can find for free online!

Frugal Shopping Online – Live Luxuriously for Less
With Internet shopping being frugal doesn’t mean you have to live a life void of luxury.

These days the frugal life is the best way to make every dollar and ever cent stretch as far as possible; giving you the lifestyle you want at a price you can afford!

Just remember to keep your spending habits in check and you’ll reap the benefits of frugal shopping online!

Author Bio: The article is contributed by Peter Smith who is in the writing industry from past 5 years. He is also working with the site promocode4share, where you can get discount coupons for your online shopping.



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