Mother’s Day is Around the Corner–Here are Some Brunch Party Tips

brunchHaving a get together for Mother’s Day is a great option. You can avoid large crowds (not to mention wait times) at restaurants and focus on what is important–Mom. Here are some quick tips to make a great brunch party she’ll never forget.

Plan a Menu
Let’s face it, the center of any brunch party is the food. It’s one of the biggest parts of the get together. Since this brunch party is focused on Mother’s Day decide what Mom’s favorite meal is and start there. The rest of the food will fall into place once the main dish has been decided.

Decorate with Purpose
Sometimes we can get caught up in the smaller details of a party. What color do you want the flowers to be? Do I need streamers? What about pictures. Instead, ask yourself what the purpose of those decorations are—then decide what is needed. For example, if you are honoring more than one mom this Mother’s Day, find some great photos of each mom the day they became a mom. Hang those around the house and add a pop of color with some flowers and you have got a great look without adding too much décor.

Designate a Play Place
Since there will be a few kiddos at the party (it is Mother’s Day after all) designate some areas that are just for the children to play in. If the weather cooperates, outside is always a great option. Grab some sidewalk chalk, and they’ll be set for hours of colorful fun. Put out some tables so the adults can monitor from a safe distance, but still have their adult time as well. A good planned flow will make it nice for all involved.

When in Doubt Delegate
Depending on the amount of people invited, you might need some help—and that’s OK. Don’t have time to cook, clean and get ice? Ask one of the guests to bring it, there is nothing wrong with that. Asking for help isn’t passé, it is a quick and easy fix to some of those pesky problems that pop up last minute. Don’t have time to add those picnic table covers? See if one of your guests can stop in a few minutes early to help. Remember, you are only one person.

Have Fun
This is a party after all, make sure you pencil in some time to have fun as well. Mom’s know all too well that you can plan and plan, but sometimes things just go astray. It’s ok, just go with the flow and make the most of what you’ve got. The less stress you have the more fun you and your guests will have on the big day.

Are you planning a brunch party this Mother’s Day? Let us know your brunch tips in the comments below.

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