Top 8 Wedding Hair tips

Wedding-hair-tipsWeddings are the most important day for each and every person; with every bride yearning to look unique and beautiful on her special occasion. The hair style is one of the important things that make any bride look stunning and beautiful; how you wear it makes a huge contribution in completing your perfect day. Here are top wedding hair tips to ensure that your hair complements your big day.

Tip 1: Early planning
You need to book the salon early because, most of the wedding hair salons get booked up in advance. Do not make a mistake of making your hair a last-minute consideration because your hairstyle on your wedding can make or break your look. You will need time to explore different styles that suits you, according to your general theme, your accessories, dress, shoes height and more; you need to take everything into account. Thus, book the salon early so as to be able to try out various options and also gives you room to practice a few times before the big day.

Tip 2: Consult Your Stylist
You have to discuss with your stylist about various aspects of your hair such as color, length and your hair condition. This is because your stylist is a professional, thus he/she is best person to advise you on what hair style will not only compliment your face, but also, your accessories and your wedding dress.

Tip 3: Get a Comfortable hair look
Choose a style that looks like you or rather complements you. Wedding memories last a lifetime–you do not want to cringe when you look at your wedding photos years down the line. Although your hair an important factor for your wedding, it should not let it stress you; get a hair style that you are comfortable with and remember to consult your stylist and confide in him/her about what you really want.

Tip 4: Inspiration
Whether you have an idea or not about the style you want, it is important for you to look at various hair style pictures from various magazines and even the Internet. This may give an idea or even better enhance your existing idea on how to style your hair.

Tip 5: Trial Run:
It is a very crucial part of your wedding preparation. Have a practice run for your hair with your stylist prior to the wedding. The trial run is more or less a trial and error method where try various ideas, accessories etc. to establish what suits you the most. You should also remember to take pictures and mood boards during your hair trial. You can show these pictures to your friends and your family members who might be helpful too by giving you their opinion. Finally, your bridesmaids can also accompany you to the trial run so that they can practice to be by your side; they will be required to know how to do a number of activities during the wedding without causing a mess such as how to remove your veil without wreaking your hair.

Tip 6: What Bring Out The Best In You
There are various factors you should consider when choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day such as the accessories, neckline and your dress shape, but most importantly you should consider what brings out the best in you. You should not go overboard and try a crazy hair style for your wedding. Make sure that your brides maids also have their hair made well because if they look silly so will you.

Tip 7: Hair Extensions
Most of the brides always complain that the hair style they desire requires them to have long hair. You no longer have to be worry about hair length anymore because extensions can add length and volume allowing to you style the style whichever way you desire.

Tip 8: Washing Your Hair
Never wash your hair on the day of your wedding. For the proper styling of your hair, you hair needs to be dry for at least 24 hours. Now what is left is for you to enjoy your special day.

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