Tips To Keep In Mind While Buying An “Eco-Friendly” Home

eco-friendly-homeIn todays’ world where everyone seems to be environmental conscious, a large number of people are turning to realtors designated as EcoBrokers and websites to find a green-certified home. In this regard, some people only look for appliances and furnishings that will dramatically cut their utility bills whereas others choose abodes that are 100% green-certified. In any case, you need to keep many things in mind before spending a large fortunes and plunging in any contract.

Following are some of the tips that you should look forward to if you are looking for a perfect eco-friendly home.

Close proximity to the public transports is concerned extremely green nowadays. It has garnered so much attention that it can help your home to pass eco-friendly test quite easily. Using mass transit instead of personal cars will reduce the number of vehicles on the road and thus, will cut air pollution. Furthermore, many insurance companies offer discounted rates for homeowners whose houses are close to a public transportation system.

Materials like hardwood, bamboo, cork, tile etc. are perfect to make your home environmental friendly as they offer many benefits as compared to carpet flooring. First of all, they prevent the moisture and insects to penetrate through them that can later cause mold and mildew. Secondly, these things keep your floor cooler in summers and are very easy to maintain as well.

You should always look for the insulation that has an appropriate R-Factor (R Value) and is rated suitable for your particular region. R-Factor is actually the measure of insulation that is used to indicate how much it will be able to withstand hot or cold or for that matter moisture. In simple words, the higher the R-Factor, lower will be your utility bills.

Windows that are large, well-sealed, insulted and double-hung will serve your cause nicely. Large windows help you to minimize the use of artificial lighting as they let in plenty of natural light. The operability of double-hung windows provides you an opportunity to open them for ventilation. Similarly, insulated windows will filter any harmful rays coming from the sun.

There is a plethora of energy saving appliances in markets nowadays. Similarly, low flow plumbing fixtures in combination with energy saving appliances help you to consume less amount of energy thus considerably dropping your utility bills and helping environment as well.

Techniques like tankless water systems provide you hot or cold water whenever you want without any kind of storage. Therefore, you don’t need to turn on the shower before jumping in. Again, you need not to consume energy on heating water and therefore, can save some money on bills as well.

Shades are integral part of almost all kinds of home across the globe. Similarly roof overhangs are perfect for preventing sunlight to enter into your home and heating up your rooms.

Trees and herbs are natural coolers and therefore, landscaping should be the part of any project that aims at making your home eco-friendly. They will not only clean the environment surrounding your home but will also make it enticing and beautiful. In this regard, only plant native trees in your garden that minimize the need for irrigation.

The location of the house also determines whether it can be declared as an eco-friendly structure or not. A well-built and well placed home will always make full use of the sun around the year. Similarly, it should be surrounded by trees able to absorb pollution and noise. The rainwater should run of easily and finally, house should not be in the vicinity of agricultural lands that are plagued by pesticides, dust and pungent grass exuded by farm animals.

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