Decorating Small Bedrooms

Decorating a small bedroom is always a bit of a challenge, but by using a peaceful palette, smart storage-solutions, and functional pieces of furniture, it can be done with ease and style.

Before you start arranging and decorating your bedroom, it is a good idea to inspect the room closely (bare if possible). Take note of where the door and bedroom is placed. Also take note of the room’s dimensions. Once you have surveyed the room enough, determine what your decorative options and preferences are. This will help you set the decorative flavor later on. As decorating smaller bedrooms often demand for more creativity, here are some ideas that you might find handy –


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Decorate with Mirrors
Consider decorating your bedroom walls with mirrors. Not only is it an interesting decorative detail, but mirrors are known to provide additional depth and dimension to a small room. This is because mirrors have the unique ability to act as additional windows. It is best to hang several pieces of small mirrors in a group to create visual interest. A good finish would be to add one larger mirror. This creates the illusion of more square footage.




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Under Bed Storage

Storage space is among the most difficult issues to deal with when decorating a small bedroom. When decorating, it is best that you make use of every inch of wasted space. Use the underside of your bed as additional storage for your things. Consider using dough bowls, baskets, plastic bins, and plastic drawers to keep your things organized. If you want, you can take it up a notch by sealing your vaguely used items into vacuum space bags.




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Decorate with Functional Furniture
Because of its limited square footage, it is best if you decorate a small bedroom with pieces of furniture that serve more than one function. For example, you can use a short chest drawer as both a night stand and a dresser. You can place a small desk and a chair next to your bed and you have an oversized nightstand and a work desk as well.  A bench with a lift-top can free your room of unnecessary linens and provide bedroom seating.



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Limit the Color Palate

Limiting the color palate creates the illusion of more space. It is best for a small bedroom to use similar hues on walls, furnishings, and beddings to make room appear larger. This way the line between the different elements are blurred thus allowing the eye to move across the bedroom more effortlessly. Going easy on the color palate creates a more appealing visual rhythm that draws the eye around the room. Injecting a few details of contrasting colors can add flavor.




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Make Use of the Vertical Space
Again, make every inch count. Making use of the vertical space is a great way to increasing your storage footage in a small bedroom. Install floating shelves to keep your books, magazines, and other reading materials neat and organized. Consider hanging small buckets and baskets on mountable rods as added storage space for miscellaneous items.




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