Back to School: Check out the Great Items we Have for Your Dorm Room!

Your dorm room is your home away from home, but with its plain walls and simple furniture, it may not feel much like your cozy childhood bedroom. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to put some personality into your dorm room. With a few key back-to-school pieces from our collection and a few tips on how to decorate, your dorm can become a retreat!

Create a Focal Point

Every space needs a focal point to add visual interest. Your dorm probably won’t have any natural architectural focal points, but you can create one with colors, textures and patterns. If you’re lucky enough to have a large window with an appealing view, this can be your focus. You may not have the option to hang curtains, but you can get a similar effect when you frame the window with art that draws attention to it.

The word dormitory comes from the Latin word for sleep, so it’s no surprise that your dorm room’s bed occupies a big share of the room’s visual space. With a splash of color, the bed’s prominent position is a decorating asset. We love these microfleece sheet sets in vivid jewel colors for dorm room decor. As soft as they are colorful, these sheets will add some life to a dull dorm room.

Deck Your Walls

Even in a solo room, you won’t have much floor space. However, you will have plenty of space to decorate your walls. Depending on your dorm’s construction, you may not have the option of hanging traditional pictures with nails or hooks, but home wall decor and decals are perfect for enlivening a wall without damaging its finish. Choose inspirational sayings for a tranquil oasis, or pick a handful of peace sign decals in rainbow hues to bring some color to plain walls.

Save Space

Because space is at a premium in your dorm room, any furniture that can do double duty or fold away is perfect. Many dorms contain units that already have desks, but others are fairly bare aside from the bed and a shelf or two. Our fold-away desk is a great solution to space problems. When you aren’t studying, it folds into a compact column of storage drawers. Even if you already have a desk for studying, this fold-away version is handy for study groups or as a temporary table for late-night snacking in your room. Sturdy enough to hold a semester’s worth of textbooks, it also has casters and can roll out of the way when you want to clear the floor for exercise.

Your dorm room will be home for at least a few months, so make it somewhere you want to stay with practical storage solutions, comfortable bedding and art to give it personality. Between classes and college mixers, you might not spend much time in your room, but with a little investment, you can make your hours more pleasant.

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