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love-booksWhether you’re an avid reader or just an occasional one, diving into a good book is a great way to spend an afternoon. Fiction’s fine, but we also love books that teach us something new. Think about all the books you’d want with you if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island. You could get more use from a good cookbook or how-to carpentry manual than you would from a copy of “Moby Dick.” Great novels are important too, but here are some of the books we consider absolutely indispensable.

Kitchen Magic

Every cookbook tells you how to make something delightful, but what happens when your attempt at following the recipe fills your family with more dread than delight? If you have a copy of Oops! Over 200 Cooking Solutions” from Cooking Light magazine, you can fix just about any kitchen concern. From repairing a broken Hollandaise sauce to undressing an over-dressed salad without wilting the lettuce, this must-have kitchen fixer is a fascinating read even if you’re an accomplished cook.

The book also offers recommendations to stop common kitchen blunders before they start. By tasting as you cook, adding salt a little at a time and reading the whole recipe before you crack the first egg, you can get better results from every recipe you try. Gain confidence in your kitchen skills when you have this handy safety net on your bookshelf!

In the Office

Your computer has a spell checker, but as anyone who has ever confused a “there” with a “their” can tell you, automated checking systems don’t catch everything. Learn new memory devices to help you recall spelling rules, grammar, geography, science, history and more from Miss Pell Never Misspells,” a spelling book dedicated to more mnemonics than you would have ever thought possible. You’ll find easy ways to recall how to spell Mississippi, how to tell a stalactite from a stalagmite and how to solve algebraic equations in the right order.

More than just memory tricks for recalling the names of the Great Lakes or other specialized knowledge, this book can also teach you how to improve your memory in general. If you regularly forget people’s names after meeting them or have to write grocery lists for every trip to the store, this book is for you.

For the Smallest Room

It may be indelicate to discuss, but we’ll say it anyway: A bathroom without reading material is an unfriendly place indeed. That’s why we believe every household should be acquainted with Uncle John. A compilation of quick and fascinating facts just long enough for a brief stay, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader is designed to entertain you when you’re otherwise occupied. If you like to read in the tub, you’ll appreciate the laminated soft cover of this bathroom book that can hold up to a few drops of bathwater. Instead of risking your e-reader or smartphone in the bathroom, leave a copy of Uncle John’s latest reader within easy reach.

You don’t have to be on a deserted island to appreciate great nonfiction. Make these books part of your library, and you’ll always have answers to life’s most important questions.


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