4 Kitchen Themes We Think you’ll Love

Retro-kitchenYour kitchen has to be practical, but who says it can’t also be pretty? You already spend time in your kitchen, so pick a decorating theme that you love, and enjoy your meal preps more. Here are four themes we love and some ideas to start you thinking about your own signature theme:

Tuscan Wine Country

The rolling hills of Tuscany are home to some of the world’s best wines and cheeses. The region’s natural beauty is just as inspiring as its delicious cuisine, and Tuscan style makes the most of that beauty with simple, elegant decor elements. Add a little touch of Tuscany to your home with art and accessories that echo the region’s rich hues and local delicacies. Use warm colors such as ivory, terra cotta and walnut as the foundation for your Tuscan kitchen theme. Wine bottles are a perfect decorating accent whether they’re full or empty, so make them a part of your theme on tabletops or in prominently displayed wine holders. Even the corks can be a part of your Tuscan motif when you store them in a wine cork holder. When the metal holder’s full, remove the corks and turn them into a bulletin board, or start on a new decorative letter.

Retro Kitchen Chic

Everything retro is popular again, and that includes kitchen decor. No matter what era is your favorite, you’ll find decorator touches to complement your theme. We love the clean-lined look of the early 1960s with its emphasis on space-age design, and these stainless steel mixing bowls combine modern convenience with retro sleekness. Look for advertisements from your favorite era and use them for inspiration when picking your color palette. The pinks and greens of the 1950’s or harvest gold and avocado of the 1970’s instantly give your kitchen a retro makeover on a budget.

Farm Fresh Kitchen Decor

Just about everything in your kitchen originally came from a farm, so a farm motif is a great fit for kitchen style. If you’re going for a full transformation with new cabinets and counters, use natural finishes trimmed with clean, crisp white for a farmhouse feel. To bring a few farm-friendly accents into your kitchen, look for simple decorative design elements such as stamps, stencils and cut-outs. Coasters and towels trimmed with silhouettes of cows, chickens and pigs add a country accent to any kitchen. Country themes can be whimsical – these colorful  striped towels are a great basic example – or find decorative pieces that look as though they came straight from the farmhouse. Weathered wood furniture with plain white ceramic knobs will give your kitchen timeless country appeal.

The Chef’s Professional Kitchen

Even home cooks are moving toward restaurant-quality dishes, and that has brought sleek, professional style to the forefront in kitchen decor. Stainless steel, wire racks, white tile and straightforward accessories give a home kitchen a professional look. If you want the clean look of a pro’s kitchen, keep details to a minimum and let the natural beauty of food be the primary source of color and texture. A bowl of fresh fruit or a hanging strand of dried red peppers makes a bold visual statement against a neutral background of brushed steel and tile. Wood cabinetry and wall art can add warmth to a kitchen that could otherwise look a little chilly.

Whatever you choose as your kitchen style, you’ll enjoy your time in the kitchen more when surrounded by a look you love!

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