Four Reasons You Should Purchase Pet Insurance

pet-insurancePets often hold the status of family member. They live with us, travel with us, and even are included in family portraits. These wonderful creatures keep us happier and healthier than if they were not part of our lives. Yet as a whole, most people have not embraced the thought of carrying pet insurance.

This valuable insurance could make a difference in the health and welfare of your pet.

Many people however, do not realize or understand the benefits that this type of coverage provides. By reviewing the following list, you will be able to see how pet insurance can be most beneficial to your beloved pet.

1. You Can Use Your Own Veterinarian. Most human health insurance plans require you to use specific providers for services that are within their plan. These insurance policies will not pay for any services that are not provided by their specific agencies. Pet insurance, however, allows you to use your current veterinarian without any pre-approvals or problems. You simply submit your bill to the insurance provider for reimbursement of covered services.

2. Non-Discriminatory. Pet insurance is available for all pets. Breed, size, or age does not matter. All pets can qualify for pet insurance. Of course, policies will be more cost-effective if purchased when you first adopt your new pet, but this is not crucial to obtaining a policy.

3. Helps You Pay For Emergency Care. You never know when bad things will happen. However, you can always agree that when an emergency strikes, it is at the most inopportune time financially. Having pet insurance will allow you to cover these emergency costs without having to place too much strain on your “rainy day” fund.

4. Pet Insurance Saves Lives. Having pet insurance will not only extend the life of your pet by providing you an economical method to maintain their health, it can also save their lives in the event of an emergency. Many distraught pet owners have to put their pet to sleep after an injury due to an accident simply because they cannot afford the treatment. Sadly, these pets could have been saved. Having a pet insurance policy in place, will allow you to provide this type of treatment when or if it is necessary, and be able to afford it at the same time.

Having a pet insurance policy will also provide you with peace of mind. Knowing your pet is covered for anything that could happen alleviates anxiety, especially if you have lost a pet to one of these circumstances before.

Your pet relies on you for food, shelter, exercise and attention. They need you to play with them, include them in your life, and love them without restraint. They also need you to watch out for their health. A pet insurance policy will make sure that you can fulfill that last responsibility with ease.

As a pet owner, Richard Freeland understands the importance of keeping furry family members healthy. Monkey Insurance lets you save money by comparing thousands of pet insurance policies and choosing the one that best fits your needs.

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  1. So stunning! I had never heard about this thing before. Most of people are not purchasing pet insurance but after reading your post I think people needs to purchase pet insurance. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.

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