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Have you ever been away from home for a few hours and forgot to charge your phone? We have, and it’s no fun. We know what it’s like to be out of touch when your phone’s battery loses its charge or your computer crashes from overheating. With these electronic assistants, you can rely on your computer or phone to perform safely and securely no matter where you are. Make the most of modern technology when you have the right accessories to support it. We make it easy for you with a selection of easy-to-use equipment!

With a depleted battery, a cellphone is little more than a fancy paperweight. Keep your phone powered up with a portable charger and extend its effective battery life for hours. Whether you use your phone as a vital communication tool, a Web browser or a gaming device, it can run through its stored power quickly. A recharge pack acts as a fresh battery and recharges your phone when you’re on the go. Small enough to slip into a pocket or wallet, the recharge pack fits your device whether you have an iPhone or any smartphone with a compact or mini USB port. It also works for iPods and other handheld devices, so keep a few on hand to recharge game systems and keep the music playing.

If you use a laptop or notebook computer, you know it can be tough to find a comfortable position for it that also keeps it from overheating. This lap desk comes equipped with a pair of fans, so you and your computer stay cool and comfortable even for marathon browsing or work sessions. Keeping sensitive electronics cool isn’t just a matter of comfort; heat is lethal to computer components. The table’s adjustable legs let you raise and lower it to fit your most comfortable position while the surface tilts to accommodate you. With room for a mouse and a coffee cup along with your notepad, you have a complete work station for your sofa, in bed or anywhere you happen to be.

Even if you’re careful about keeping your virus protection software up to date and are choosy about the files you download, you can’t easily protect removable storage from prying eyes. Give sensitive data another layer of protection with a secure flash drive that puts your information out of reach. The slim, thumb-sized drive holds 4 GB of data – enough for family pictures, spreadsheets or anything else you want to store securely – and unlocks with a two-digit combination. With more than 1,000 unique combinations, the lock helps protect your data from theft even if you misplace the drive. The sturdy metal casing also protects it from drops and bumps.Living in the Information Age means staying connected. You can’t do that when your phone’s battery runs out of juice or your computer’s power supply overheats. Take care of your electronic investments with accessories that keep you plugged in, powered up and ready to go.

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