Choosing the Best Home Lighting

home-lightingOur homes and the way we decorate them say a lot about us. Lighting is such an important part of home decor yet sadly it’s too often overlooked or an afterthought when decorating. From Feng Shui, we have learned that choosing the right type of lighting can affect the entire mood of a home.  Even if it’s perfect in one room, another area may have horrible lighting creating an immediate negative vibe. For choosing your lighting, take these ideas and tips into consideration.

Bulb and Fixture Type
The bulb you choose can make a huge difference in a room. Gone are the days when we had simple 60-watt bulbs or the exciting three way ones that got brighter with the slight turn of a key. Now we literally have hundreds of styles and levels of brightness and energy efficiency models to choose from. Fixtures are also widely varied and can be purchased in every style imaginable from 1930s art deco to modern spun glass.

Kitchen and Bath
For safety in the kitchen and bathroom, you will need brighter lights. You want to see what you’re cutting with that knife or where you’re applying eye liner.

Home Ofiice
A home office will be more comfortable with lighting that mimics the outdoors, especially if you don’t have windows to help bring in natural light.  You’ll want to stay away from the garish overly bright fluorescent that make you look or feel washed out and tired.

Bedroom lighting should be first and foremost, relaxing. Gentle lighting encourages relaxation. Consider dimmers for bedrooms. Both kids and adults are made much more comfortable by use of dimmers. For kids who like to sleep with the lights on at first, a dimmer switch makes it easy for a parent to later turn the light down gently without turning it off entirely or suddenly. Adults can adjust the lighting to bright when getting ready for work and dim for relaxing which aids in getting better sleep.

Your lighting shouldn’t be exactly the same throughout the house but it should flow. Your fixtures don’t have to be perfectly matched but again, flow and a common theme is good. You don’t want 1950s contemporary in one room with a deer antler chandelier in the next. It’s too jolting as you go through the home. Also, consider the size and style of your home as a whole unit and then room by room.

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting for porches, patios and yards can be fun. From criss-crossed string lights to twinkle lights in trees or patio spotlights, just being outdoors in a fun style environment is great. Your lighting can make or break a party though. If it’s too garish and bright and everyone will try getting back inside while too dim has everyone squinting to see.

Energy Efficiency
There are numerous new energy efficient lighting choices although some bulbs are painfully bright. Use fixtures and shades to cut brightness to acceptable levels. Consider LED lighting for soft hallway or night-lights.  They cost more up front but basically last a lifetime and pay for themselves quickly.

Overall, don’t be afraid to show off your inner decorator when choosing lighting for your home. There are literally thousands of combinations of fixtures and bulb types that make choosing new lighting so much fun.  Make your choices based on how you use each room and the mood you’re going for overall.

Luke Garbutt is the owner of Fully Amped Electrical. With over 14 years’ experience in the electrical trade arena, Luke has had experience working in the residential, commercial and Mining sectors. As the owner of a growing business, one of the hardest things to do is to ensure quality and the highest of standards. So Luke does his best to share, through writing, as much of his electrical knowledge as possible to help out anyone who needs it.

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  1. annaleacrowe says:

    I’m in the process of redesigning my home with energy efficient lighting, but there are so many choices! And most of them are super bright. Thanks for your helpful tips!

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