Planning for Your New Baby: Creative Ways to Maintain Your Decor

Baby-cribThe birth of a baby is an exciting time in a couple’s life. In addition to the responsibilities of feeding and ensuring that they are properly cared for, you’ll be amazed at the amount of gear that an infant needs. Between the strollers, bassinets, activity gyms and playards, you may wonder how something so small could overtake your space. The following are helpful tips to help plan for your new addition around your home’s current decorating theme.

A Rainbow of Colors
When it comes time to decorate your infant’s room, you’ll find a variety of colors and themes to choose from. However, you can keep within the theme of your home by selecting something neutral such as beige or cream. This will mesh with your home’s color scheme and keep things flowing throughout. Warmer tones can also aid in your child’s development and be soothing when trying to nap or sleep.

Space in Your Home
You don’t need your home to scream “baby” in every room of your home. You can still keep important gadgets around for temporary use throughout the day such as a baby bouncer or play yard without it speaking volumes when a guest enters your home. You need to designate specific areas for your baby. Your child’s room is their primary setting and should house their toy box, crib, rocker and other essential items. You can also design an area where they can play and release their energy, such as a play room.

Toys and Accessories
If your home is traditional in its style, you can incorporate that theme into your child’s room with accessories and furnishings. A toy box, crib, dresser and rocker in the same wood scheme can be more aesthetically pleasing for your home’s appearance. You can also incorporate accent pieces that showcase your child’s personality and interests with simple touches such as picture frames and stuffed toys.

Multi-Functional Equipment
Changing tables and other furniture can take over your home, especially as your baby grows. Purchasing multi-functional equipment can save on space and serve multiple purposes for your infant. A playard with a bassinet, changing table, and seat attachment can be a very handy and convenient item to have. This serves as multi-purpose but also on space. This also allows for your infant to be moved from room to room easily as needed. It’s also ideal for tight spaces such as smaller homes, apartments and condominiums. Another bonus is the portability for traveling purposes. It can be taken anywhere and set up.

Organization and Storage Containers
As your infant grows, you’ll notice their toys, clothes and other accessories expand also. Keeping everything orderly and in its place can keep your home from looking like your child has taken over your dwelling. Storage bins, toy chests and closet organizers can aid in this process and keep everything in its place.

Planning for your new addition can be an exciting prospect with all of the intricate details and possibilities. By allowing your baby to have their own space, keeping things organized with storage units and utilizing equipment that serves multiple purposes, you can keep within your homes decorating scheme without too much disruption.

As a mother to 4, Lisa Coleman understands the overwhelming feeling a person can face when a home is overtaken by too much crowding of baby equipment. She shares and encourages ideas to save on space and organization, such as using a multi-purpose playard with attachments for diaper changing, storage space, sleeping, and a safe environment for baby to play and be entertained.

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