Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Corporate-gift-basketsCorporate gift baskets are uniquely packaged treats that make great giveaways for important clients. With busy schedules, you are generally left with the only option of ordering a pre-made gift basket.  These gifts are a way of expressing the fact that your clients are special and you value their patronage.

Impact of Gourmet Gift Baskets on Clients
A gourmet gift basket may be a simple treat for your clients to enjoy momentarily.  This is to say that most items found in the basket are perishable goods.  However, the fact that you have spent effort and expended an amount just to give the client something to enjoy, is special.  Clients will feel that you have given them importance above everything else.

Company Product Assortment
It would be great if your gift baskets would contain your own products. However, not all company products can be given away since there are companies who only offer services and not usable products. If this is the case, you can still achieve customized gifts for your clients.  Giving away custom tailored gifts will reflect personal touch and this would create the notion that the gifts are sincerely made and only given to special people.

How to Personalize Gifts
If gift hamper contents are not directly manufactured by your company, you can still make do with ready-made gift baskets. Personalize these baskets by adding your corporate logo on the items or wrapping the bundle up with a greeting card bearing your company logo. This is usually done so that important clients will remember your good company.

Corporate Themes
Gift baskets can be of many types but the most sought after are the gourmet ones. Most of the gift baskets contain items that are suited to general tastes. Most gift baskets contain a varying combination of goodies like:

1. Liquor – a choice of red or white wine, champagne, sparkling wines, whiskey, and more
2. Chocolates – gourmet chocolates
3. Biscuits or crackers
4. Nut varieties – pistachios, macadamias, peanuts, and the like
5. Appetizers – roasted peppers, olives, caramel onions, and more
6. Fresh fruits
7. Toiletries
8. Spa essentials

Most often than not, the baskets contain a variety of products. Since you don’t have time to interview each client and ask him what he likes, the baskets are laden with a wide variety of treats.

Gift Suggestions
The most popular of all corporate gift ideas are the gift baskets that offer a variety of treats. This way, you can be certain that your customers will indulge on every treat. There may be clients that don’t like receiving liquor, so make sure to give them a basket laden with sweet and other savories only.

In this fast-paced world, it is still important to look back, acknowledge, and thank your clients who have contributed to your organization’s success. The best way to do that is to give beautifully adorned gift baskets.

Alisia Goodwin is a freelance blogger and currently writes for Gourmet Basket Australia, known for their exotic collection of gourmet gift hampers.

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