Cleaning the Yard for Fall

cleaning-fallAlthough we tend to focus our energy on spring cleaning, cleaning up in the fall is just as important, if not more so. Take care of your yard in the fall to make things easier once the winter weather is over. There are a few essentials that need to be taken care of before the seasons change.

The lawn
Possibly the most important feature of your yard, the lawn is the first sight everybody sees when arriving at your home. The steps you take during the fall will ensure your lawn will be healthy for springtime again. Make sure to water it properly as long as necessary, and continue to keep it looking nice. This will stop any need for heavy duty maintenance in a few months. Besides just watering, it is important to:

Fertilize your lawn – this should be done both in the spring and fall. When done during this time, it will help maintain the roots of the grass, and keep the nutrients stored all winter long.

Air out the soil – after constant footsteps tracking across the lawn throughout the summer, it is good to have the soil aired out as winter approaches. There are professionals that will aerate your lawn for a reasonable price.

Pick up leaves – leaves can be damaging to your lawn if left there for too long. Not only will this kill your grass, but procrastinating will only leave the project for later in the spring.

Take care of your lawn before it’s too late. It is better to get these things done as early as possible, in case an early cold front comes through.

Clear out the junk
As organized as we try to be, junk can quickly accumulate over the summer months. Use the beginning of fall to get rid of the worst of the junk. Organize your garage, shop, and anywhere else around the house. Determine what you still need, and what can be thrown away. Before taking a load to the dump however, check and see if what you have is worth anything.

Some people don’t realize just how much scrap metal they have hanging around their home, or how much they can get for it. If you have non-ferrous metals, the price jumps significantly. Go throughout your yard, combining all the metal products you no longer have need of.

To test and see if the metals you have are non-ferrous, grab a magnet. If the items are magnetic, you have a ferrous material on your hands, such as steel. Non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum will bring in a much higher profit. Rather than just throwing these items away, take them to the scrap yard to get some benefit from them. Not only will you be cleaning up your yard, but you will also earn a little extra cash to work with. Invest this in future home projects or whatever else you want.

Take the time this fall to improve your yard. Not only will this save you time for spring cleaning, but it will also keep your yard and garden healthy. By breaking up the tasks between the seasons, your yard will look better than ever before.

Cassie Costner writes on DIY projects, yard maintenance, and recycling metals. She has experiencing with fall cleaning projects on large and small yards. 

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