Fall Fashion Made Easy: How to Get the Look for Less

Fall-FashionAutumn’s crisp weather is a welcome change from summer’s heat, and fall fashion is equally refreshing after months of shorts and light T-shirts. Luxury is in style this season, but you don’t have to spend much; by borrowing these designer tips, you can get the look for less and still have cash left over for holiday shopping. Here’s what the runways had to offer and how you can stay in step with style without the couture cost.

Let your layers show
Layering helps you stay toasty on cool days and lets you take off a layer or two if the day should turn unseasonably warm, so it’s perfect for fall dressing. Designers are making inner layers that are intended to peek out at collars and cuffs, so feel free to wear a short knit top over a colorful tank. With visible layering, you want to show off pretty pieces instead of plain white T-shirts or thermal shirts — a look only worked in the days of grunge-inspired fashion. Instead, pick something colorful and fun such as these dotted  thermal lounge sets as your innermost layer

Hats are hot
It doesn’t matter whether you favor a chic cloche, a knit cap or a trim fedora, hats are back in a big way, possibly because of popular period dramas such as “Mad Men” and “Downton Abbey.” A trendy topper is also a great way to stay warm on blustery fall and winter days; most of your body heat is lost from your head and your feet, so wearing a hat will help you stay cozy throughout the season.

Don’t be afraid of color
Nature’s palette for fall is bold, and you should follow suit by wearing something lively. Color even works for the office if it’s in limited doses. A solid red pantsuit might be too much for the office, but a charcoal gray suit with a pop of apple red from a turtleneck looks gorgeous. Any bright, vibrant color is fall-friendly this season, but some of the hottest hues include fuchsia, plum, pumpkin orange and rich emerald green.

Fall in love with the 1980s all over again
Every era has its iconic fashion trends that come back, and this season, the new wave and new romantic looks of the 1980s have had a major influence on designers. Not everything from the decade is back, though, so choose carefully; while cowl necks, high-waisted jeans and oversized sweaters in soft pastels a la “Flashdance” are making a triumphant return, fingerless lace gloves in neon colors are still fashion outsiders. One look that exemplifies the trend of ’80s inspiration without being too literal is this cowl neck dress in a luxuriously soft cable knit.

Texture is strong for fall
Thicker, warmer fabrics have been in style every fall for decades, and this season is no exception. What’s new this year is the sophistication and polish of these textures. Velvet and velour wraps have an opulent quality that a chunky knit or thermal weave lacks. Satin and faux fur textures are also popular for fall.

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