How to Create the Ultimate Kids Bedroom

Designing a perfect room for your child can seem like a bit for a challenge, especially in the present times when children tend to have a mind of their own and know exactly what they want. However, children are fickle-minded, what they absolutely adore today may not be enough to hold their attention for a few seconds some days later.

Besides, their needs and requirements constantly change as they grow up. What’s suitable for a toddler may not hold good for a 7-year-old. As a parent, you’d know better than to get swayed by and give into all your child’s demands. But then you cannot overlook the fact that the room is meant for your child, and so they must find it attractive. The key to designing the ultimate kids’ bedroom lies in striking the right balance between creativity and functionality. Here are a few tips that will simplify the task:

Choosing the Right Color PaletteChildren-room-design
A lot of parents go about painting the world pink or blue from the moment they find out about whether the new member of the family is a girl or a boy. While blue/pink walls may be okay for a nursery, these are definitely not very appealing color choices once the kid begins to grow. Think out of the box, and come up with a color scheme that will stay consistent while your child’s grows up, unless you can afford a revamp every two years. Sophisticated color choices such as mild grey, mauves, sunset orange or pistachio green can give the room a bright and appealing look without making it appear too ‘baby’.

You should take into consideration the element of natural light while making a color choice. For instance, bright orange can be too harsh on the eyes in a room that gets abundant natural light; similarly, a light grey can make a room with limited natural light look dull.

Kiddie Accessories over Kiddie Furniture
Strike a balance while picking furniture and blending it in with your child’s favorite toys, games or related accessories. The reason is simple – furniture is a long-term investment; while your child may love a couch in the shape of their favorite cartoon character today, they’ll surely get over it soon enough and you’ll have a redundant piece you wouldn’t know what to do with. So it is best to keep it simple in terms of furniture, and jazz up the appeal by adding upholstery, linens, cushion covers, and rugs with your child’s favorite theme – be it cartoons, fairies, animals or superheroes.

childrens-bedroom-design-ideasHave shelves full of toys, figures, games and other accessories that match your child’s personality and will keep him hooked. When it comes to accessorizing your kid’s bedroom, you have no reason for restraints. Just keep in mind what your child truly loves, and go overboard in putting it all together.

Be Creative
The ultimate aim is to set up a room that your child will love; this will require you to think like your five-year-old and then use your imagination to create a fantastical ambiance. You can make a little hanging garden using cutouts from your child’s favorite bedtime story book or comic series, or splash some colorful collages by juxtaposing your child’s picture with those of his favorite cartoon characters or toy figures.

Play Around with Lights
Another area where you have a lot of scope to experiment and get creative is lighting. There is a wide variety of choices available in the market today. Instead of installing plain lights and lamps, you can explore the option of lights carved out in innovative shapes and designs, specifically for children. Install a rabbit night light or lamp shades with animal or cartoon prints to add an additional element that captivates your child’s imagination.

Create Different Zones
A child is most likely to play, sleep and study in their room; it is, therefore, important to have different zones dedicated for each activity clearly. You could try using different themes to separate one area from another without having to set up any tangible boundaries. The themes should be in sync with each other, but at the same time related to the activity a particular space is designated to. Having contrasting themes can create an element of clutter instead of lending a coherent appeal to the room.

With a little imagination and the right techniques, you can whip up a fantasy world in your kid’s bedroom. It takes some smart planning to create that appealing ambiance without having to foot a huge bill. This is essential because you’d be required to make changes in the kid’s room décor according to their age group.

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