10 Christmas Party Games For Kids You Definitely Should Consider

Kid-Christmas-gamesChristmas is a very joyous time and is particularly fun for kids, who don’t have to go to school, get to have fun in the snow and receive presents. There is a lot of good food and plenty of sweets and the house is decorated and lit up, so you can expect the little ones go a little crazy with excitement. There are a number of great Christmas party games that you can play with your kids to give them a more creative and constructive outlet for all that extra energy.

1.Crafting presents

Kids love to get creative and use different materials and tools to craft unique items. You can use this fact to your advantage and kill two birds with one stone – just set up a crafting area where kids can draw, paint, make sculptures and have them create presents for each other as well as other family members. They can even create cute Christmas tree ornaments.

2.Gift wrapping and Christmas tree decorating

Have the kids help out with the preparations – they will have fun, your job will be a bit easier and you won’t have to worry about them running around the house while you are doing the decorating. You can use items that the kids have crafted as tree ornaments or decorations around the house. You can also hang up their paintings around the house.

3.Hidden treasure

Get up a little earlier in the morning and hide a couple of toys or bags of candy (you can use those chocolate gold coins as the perfect treasure) around the house or yard and prepare little hints in a form of a riddle or an encrypted treasure map.

4.Snowman competition

Divide into teams and see which team can build a snowman the quickest. You can switch up the rules and judge the quality of the snowman or the size, see who can build the most mini-snowmen in a couple of hours or build the best snowman family.

5.Building a snow fort

This one requires some space in your backyard and a lot of snow, but it is incredibly fun and you can use the fort to play tons of different games. It will take a good part of the day to get it right and you can customize the fort gradually over the next few days.

6.Snowball fight

The fort can be a perfect setting for a snowball fight – one team can defend it while the other attacks or you can play capture the flag, where you have to get the opposing team’s flag back to your base to win a round. Alternatively you can just make it a free-for-all and have everybody play against everyone else.

7.Sled racing

Sled races are some of the best fun you can have in the winter, for both kids and adults. Just make sure the hill you are sledding on isn’t too steep. The kids will already be wearing multiple layers of clothing and thick jackets, but  you don’t really want to have to worry about anyone getting hurt.


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8.Dress up

Since you will need to get your kids dressed in layers of clothing, it is a great idea to make a game out of it. Hey, even Superman wears his costume underneath regular clothes, so you can buy a superhero costume and some superhero-themed socks, hats and underwear for them to wear instead of the boring plain clothes. Getting dressed will no longer be seen as a chore – it will be something they can’t wait to do.

9.A Christmas play

Speaking of dressing up, you can organize a small costume party and have the kids act out a short play. It can be something Christmassy with reindeer and Santa; it can be an epic battle from one of the latest superhero movies; it can be about medieval knights and dragons and so on. You can even get the kids to work with you on the play and help with set design and choreography.

10.Fun with Santa

Of course, no Christmas party would be complete without Santa Clause. You can hire a Santa, but it is much easier and cheaper to just rent a Santa costume and have a family member wear it. .

There are a lot of fun things you can do around Christmas and the most important thing is to give the kids some way to apply themselves in a creative manner, while keeping it safe.

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  1. Max Surikov says:

    These are great suggestions. My kids are 12 and 10 are just on the cusp of stopping being over the moon excited about Christmas fanfare. I’ll look to incorporate these suggestions this year so I can have some memories for years to come.

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