Stay Connected This Holiday Season

During the holidays, people crave a deeper sense of connection with those who are most important to them. It’s a time to gather in person around a table or near the tree to exchange presents and enjoy each other’s company. When it isn’t possible to stay connected personally, technology can lend a hand. Smartphones, voice mail, email and social media can keep people close no matter how far they travel.

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At the Lakeside Collection, we know that staying in touch is vital. That’s why we have so many ways to connect with you, making it easier than ever to find great holiday deals, track orders and delight everyone on your gift list. Whether you’re ready to place an order, want to comparison-shop or are just looking for great gift ideas, we want you to have an easy time finding everything you need!We got our start as a catalog company, and our print catalogs are still one of the best ways to shop with us.Get your shopping done in comfort and at your own pace when you order directly from the Lakeside catalog. The current Christmas edition has something for every room of the house and everyone on your shopping list. You can also opt to have email notifications of special offers sent to your in-box; with email alerts, you’ll never miss a sale. When you get your catalog, order by phone, by mail or online; if it’s convenient for you, it’s great for us too.

Social media mavens can find us on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter. With these instant connections, you’ll stay up to date on the latest sales, get notification of new blog posts and discover the Ideas and Inspiration section.If you’re hoping to find a special gift under the tree, make your wishes known when you pin or follow Lakeside. Using social media is also a great way to discover what friends and family might want for the holidays. If your aunt has a favorite sweater pinned, it’s a safe bet she’d love to unwrap it this holiday season.

You’re busy enough keeping up with distant family and friends, so having the freedom to shop online whenever you like lets you fit more into your busy schedule. That’s why we offer an online catalog that includes exclusive items available only from the Lakeside Collection website. When you’re a registered shopper, buying from the online catalog takes just a few clicks. Forget the long lines on Black Friday or the endless traffic to get to the mall when you can find everything you need online.

The days of staying connected with just your local community are long gone; today, social networks can span the globe. No amount of voicemail or Facebook messages can fully replace the connection friends and family feel when they’re together. During this holiday season, Lakeside can help you forge a closer connection with those you love. With Lakeside’s outstanding prices, you can afford to remember everyone with a gift this year.

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  1. Christmas wishes 2013 hard to find

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      Hi Sarah,

      Great news! I found one of the Christmas Wishes 2013 catalogs for you. Please email me your mailing address information to and I will have that mailed right out to you.

      Warm Regards,

      Jodi at Lakeside

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