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Placing an order online is not only easy and convenient, but the best way to place an order. You are able to view the items, get descriptions and details to follow your order status until it arrives at directly to your door.

Two ways to order
1. We offer two ways to order online. You can shop by the category when you shop online and add to your cart directly from the item. By using the catalog quick order form. Either way you are on your way to receiving your favorite items.


To save some time, use the catalog quick order form and enter specific items. Either way you are on your way to receiving your favorite items.


Ready to check out
2. Once your order is complete, just click on check out.


After reviewing your order and going through our secure checkout process, you will receive your order confirmation number.

What happens next?
3. What happens after you hit checkout? Behind the scenes, the Lakeside team is hard at work filling thousands of orders each day.

Waiting on your order? These easy steps help you track your order
1. Go to our homepage and click on order status at the top of the page.


2. Enter your order confirmation number and last name in the Check Order Status section and click View Order.

3. Once you click on View Order you can view the status of each item from that specific order.


Now that you know how to check on your order status… tune in next week for the next helpful tip.


4 Responses

  1. Diane Clark says:

    Where is my order???

  2. Arthur Pope says:

    Why is it tacking so long to get my order

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