10 Tips to make your Furniture and Home More Festive this Christmas

christmas-home-decorationChristmas is such an important time of year and getting your home ready for family and friends can make the whole festive season all the more enjoyable. So, here are ten tips to decorate and arrange furniture for Christmas.

1. Outside and the Entrance
Creating that Christmas feel can start at the front door. From lights and Christmas ornament to a more demure Christmas wreath, the season of good will can start right outside the door.

So many of us have a far higher number of visitors at Christmas than we do at other times of the year and so making your entrance more functional and clutter free can have its benefits. Remove extra furniture clutter to give your front hall or entrance area a more welcoming and pleasant feel. It also reduces the chances of someone getting injured.

2. Light
Due to the time of year light tends to lack during the winter. Placing a mirror or piece of furniture with reflective properties in the front hall or entrance area can significantly brighten things up during the winter time. They also allow guests to preen themselves when they arrive in from the elements.

3. Outerwear
People visiting your home will also most likely wear coats when visiting. Having a coat hanger if there are no closets beside your entrance can greatly benefit here. A coat tree or umbrella holder can be great additions. If you wish for people to take off wet or muddy boots, then a chair is also a good idea too.

4. Flow
The holidays are about relaxing and so you should arrange your furniture to help facilitate this. Moving your furniture around and placing it in a way that lets people relax, move around and socialize is important at any time of the year, but most especially at Christmas.

Creating the right sort of flow or pathway can really help visitors and guests move around from one space to the next. This creates a more welcoming and outgoing atmosphere and helps sets that festive feel.

5. Visual Flow
A lot of people like to create a visual flow when decorating for Christmas. This involves using set themes and colors to unify different areas of the home at Christmas.

6. Decorations
While the practical concerns are very important, Christmas decorations also are a great addition. Decking furniture with tinsel, holly, Christmas stockings and other similar items can really add that holiday feel to the house’s entrance.

7. Focal Point
Of course, it’s not just the entrance that needs some Christmas décor. Having a focal point in the main room you are entertaining people in also helps. Whether it’s a Christmas tree, a fireplace or a mantelpiece – go all out and make the room a little spectacular for Christmas. Only have one focal point per room to avoid overcrowding.

8. Furniture
At Furniture UK we would suggest that if the room will get quite busy and you’re expecting a lot of guests then it can often be a good idea to move larger items out of the way. Moving furniture such as the sofa to another room provides space for standing, while moving a sofa from another room into the entertaining area provides more seating. Dining chairs and ottomans are also other great options for extra seats and they can be arranged to create flexible areas for conversation and can be moved around easily.

9. Food
Using the dining room table as a place for a buffet allows you to move the chairs elsewhere, allowing people a seat to sit down. If you have nesting tables, these can be ideally placed next to seated areas as a place to put down food and bowls. It helps to anticipate where people will be sitting to place these effectively.

10. Lighting
Finally, lighting is one of the most important parts of creating that effective festive feel. Layered lighting creates a cozier feel and you should certainly consider using dimmed options rather than full lighting as it helps your decoration lighting stand out. Candles, fireplaces and fairy lights all work well and can really create that holiday ambiance.

Obviously, for safety purposes ensure there is enough lighting around passages, stairs and to bathroom areas.

Following these tips will help you ensure you are making the most of your furniture for the festive season.

Cormac Reynolds has written about furniture and design for a number of years. He loves a range of styles and also enjoys hill walking.

Image Credit: homestyletips.com

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    Thanks for sharing these easy tips. I was wondering how to make our simple home for a more festive feel this Christmas.

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