3 Tips for Designing Your Kids’ Room

Kids-roomWhile decorating the interiors of your home, you have to take care of a number of factors and it is especially so when you are designing your children’s room. If you think that you will apply those same flat colors and those conventional wall stickers in your kids’ room, you are missing it thoroughly. These days, when kids have a mind of their own and know exactly what they want, it is quite difficult to design their room.

Again, kids are quite fickle minded and they might not like certain things after few days. Also, you need to keep changing things as and when their requirements change. Things that are essential for a toddler might turn out to be absolutely useless for a 5-year old. Keeping these factors in mind, you must be absolutely clear with all the strategies and must try to keep a balance between functionality and creativity. Here are some tips that will simplify your task.

1. Choose the right color combination and a cute theme
Avoid going conventional and refrain from painting it all pink if it’s a baby girl and all blue if it’s a baby boy. While flat walls, painted by blue or pink are ideal for nurseries, it seems to be extremely monotonous once your kids are grown up. Since it is not possible to afford a revamp every two years, it is wiser to think out of the box and opt for color combination that will be suitable even when your child is a grown up. Make sure the shades that you choose are bright enough, yet not make things too childish. Motorized roller blinds are a great fit, in a pistachio green, mauve and sunset orange. These colors are some of the ideal shades for children’s room.

2. Separate the rooms in different zones
Children love to imitate their parents and the other adults at home and therefore love to enjoy different rooms for sleeping, playing and studying. While it is not possible to create three different rooms, what you can do is to create different zones in your kid’s room. Consider using different themes to separate the zones instead of placing any type of boundaries. Make sure all the themes are in sync with each other and also match the particular activity the space is designated for. Don’t use too contrasting themes as they might create confusion instead of adding  charm to the room.

3. Be creative
Remember your ultimate goal is to design a room that your kids will love, along with serving all the purposes. You can do this by thinking like your five year old and using your imagination. Combine functionality and your creative thoughts to create the best possible ambiance. Consider using stylish motorized window coverings instead of those typical boring curtains and create a hanging garden using the images or cut-outs of his/her favorite comic characters. Another interesting idea to decorate a kid’s room is to create unique collages of his/her photographs of different ages along with the toy figures or the cartoon characters that are popular at the time. This will give them keepsakes for when they are older.

Image Credit: kidsroomcentral.blogspot.com

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