The Advantages of Tinting Your Windows

window-tintingThere are many different upgrades that can be made to your home to improve it. You may be familiar with tinting the windows in your car or even in your business, but tinting the windows in your home can bring just as many advantages, if not more. Take a look at some of the best advantages that can come from tinting the windows in your home, and how they will make a difference for you.

Save energy
You will save a significant amount of energy, and thus money by tinting your windows. Rather than wasting money on the heating bill in the winter and the cooling bill in the summer tinting your windows will help to block and retain the heat. During the summer months your furnace will not be wasting energy when the heat leaks out the windows, but instead work almost as insulation. During the hot summer months tinted windows can block out the worst of the sun’s rays, preventing your home from overheating.

Protect your furniture
Over time the UV rays of the sun will begin to damage the furniture in your home. Leaving it discolored, and in some cases beyond repair. By investing in tinted windows, you can protect the furniture, wood, carpet, and other belongings that are near the large windows in your home. Instead of always leaving the blinds and curtains closed, you can leave them open without fear of your couch becoming discolored. This way you can increase the amount of natural light in your home.

Nobody wants to be living in fear, but a few precautions should be taken to increase the safety of your home. By adding tint to your windows, you will add an extra layer of security in a few different ways:

  • At night, you have much less visibility seeing out than people outside your home have looking in. A good window tinting will take this away, making it not only easier for you to see out during the night, but making it harder for those outside to see in. With this addition, thieves will not be able to see what you have inside, making them less likely to map out the valuable items in your house.
  • With the extra film used for darkening, the windows in your home will be stronger than before.
  • If through excessive force the windows are broken, in most cases they will break into big chunks rather than tiny shards. This will be easier to manage with cleanup and safety issues. Keep your children and pets away from tiny shards of glass by investing in window tinting.

You will feel safer in your home knowing that tinted windows will bring these advantages. Whether you are looking for the added security, the energy benefits, or just love the look it will bring to your home, invest in tinted windows. You will find they will even improve the look of your home. Many of the advantages that are found when tinting your car windows can also be translated to the home.

Cassie Costner writes for, a Utah window tinting company. She has written on the advantages of tinting your home, business, and car, finding what each of these can bring.

Image Credit: Pro Window Tinter

7 Responses

  1. Ashley Turns says:

    Since we’re updating our house a little bit, my husband and I have been wondering if it would be worth it to have our windows tinted. So thanks for mentioning that this extra film will cause our windows to be stronger. We’ll be sure to get our glass tinted so that it can be stronger.

  2. It’s good to know this about window tinting. I like how you said that it can protect the furniture in a home. I assume that it can also help protect leather interiors in cars, right? That’s what I’m looking at getting done now.

  3. It was nice to know that the extra film used for darkening the windows will actually help make it a lot stronger. I have been researching the things that I can do to strengthen the windows of the car I am using. I thought I would have to consider getting a specialized glass, so it was great that I saw this post. Thank you!

  4. Mark Murphy says:

    I never knew that UV rays can be damaging to the furniture that is in your house! My wife and I live in an area that can get very hot, and we both just invested in new furniture for our new house. I will be sure to suggest to my wife that we tint our windows to protect our new furniture!

  5. It got me when you said that the UV rays from the sun will get inside the house and damage the furniture and cause it to lose color, so it is best to have the windows tinted. I will get the windows tinted as soon as I can then. After all, there is a lot of leather furniture at home, and some of them are even near the large window in the living room. Surely if I let it stay like that, I will have a problem with the leather.

  6. Wow, it’s amazing to know that home window tinting can also help protect my furniture for UV rays. I’m considering to get tinting for my living room soon in order to lessen the brightness of the room during the early morning. I didn’t know that a side benefit to that would be the freedom to arrange my furniture however I want without thinking too much about their position in relation to my windows.

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