Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

It’s time for the weekly round up of Lakeside’s favorite picks. This week we’re sharing a random assortment of items we love. From bathroom accessories to novelty NFL gear, we’re covering all our bases this Friday. Take a look!

Lakeside Selection 4 Cube

Foam Bath Rug Sets

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s a bit of a new trend hitting bathroom floors, and we’re all about it. Bath rugs are a must-have item, but so many styles and materials just trap dirt and moisture, causing yet another breeding ground for bacteria. Join the trends and swap out those fuzzy bathroom rugs for these soft and plush foam bath rug sets. You will never look back.

Odor-Absorbing Sniffer

This Odor-Absorbing Sniffer is an adorable way to put an end to foul smells around your house. From backpacks and gym bags to laundry rooms and pet mistakes, these cute stuffed puppies are filled with the odor-absorbing mineral Zeolite. It works much like your typical deodorizing box of baking soda, absorbing odors and reducing bacteria without any chemicals. But, these “sniffers” come in three adorable puppy breeds – German Shepherd, Beagle, and Lab.

Women’s NFL Fan Headbands 

To celebrate the end of the playoffs and the countdown to the big game, we had to include a little NFL gear, right? We really like these cute women’s NFL headbands. They’re fashionable enough to wear to your game day party, but comfortable enough to wear while running errands and cleaning the house. It’s made from football jersey material, so it’s comfortable and breathable. Anything that keeps your hair out of your face is a great addition to you wardrobe, so find your favorite team’s design today.

Cushioned Folding Pet Bed 

What list would be complete without homage to our furry friends? This cozy pet bed is perfect for small-to-medium dogs, and fits snuggly on your living room furniture, keeping pet odors, dirt, and hair off your upholstery, but still letting your pooch enjoy quality time with his human friends. It’s also an amazing travel bed for your pup to enjoy, whether sleeping over at Grandma’s, or taking a car ride up to Yosemite. And, since it’s made from camping chair material, and designed like a butterfly chair, this is an excellent pet bed for camping.

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