Order in the House: 5 Smart Storage Solutions

You can keep your house in order if you reduce the clutter and organize everything. There are special strategies you can implement if you have a small room or a home, so that you can make the most of every inch of the storage space that you have. Such organization doesn’t cost much. Apart from this, you can also consider renting a storage unit to take some of the clutter out of your house.


1. Smart Kitchen Solutions

Create open shelving for your kitchen. This can be divided both vertically and horizontally and is very practical. You can also divide the space between the kitchen and the dining area with free standing shelves, which can hold cookware, cups, plates, etc. Also, pullout units can offer great storage options without occupying valuable space.






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2. Making Use of Every Inch

If the bathroom is really small, you can consider vertical storage with plenty of handy hooks and storage boxes that are wall mounted. When shopping for accessories, buy versatile pieces, such as a sink that comes with a soap dish, tray and a towel hanger, so that it reduces the clutter.








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3. Spruce up your Living Room

If you need to store a lot of things, you can invest in a multi-functional storage unit in which you can store bedding, china ware and even books. Buy something in a light color and a streamlined style. You can also buy a sofa sleeper bed with storage underneath. If you have unused space, such as space under the stairs, it can become a very good home media center with all your media gadgets. If the living room, dining area and the play area are common, you can have a streamlined storage wall in which you can hide all the clutter.






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4. Exploring the Bedroom Space

Don’t overlook the space under the bed. Instead of just stuffing it with clutter, you can use cardboard boxes and store things away neatly. You could also invest in pullout drawers for the bed and a vacuum shrink bag that can make bedding shrink into a fraction of the usual size.









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5. Reduce Clutter in Hallway

You need space for shoes and coats in your hallway but all the clutter of the house usually ends up here. You can use the wall space to hang up an organizer into which you can put in some of the bits and pieces. If you have a spare corner, you can install a storage cabinet. You could also use a rack with pegs on which you can hang bags, shoes and many other items.



You may follow the aforementioned tips to turn your clutter into a display of loveliness.

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