Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Family-Standing-in-Front-of-HomeOur homes are precious to us; they are our sanctuary, our reassurance and our protection. However for the person that has had their home violated, through burglary, vandalism or both, one’s home may no longer feel like the safe haven it ought to.

In this guide we look at the ways in which you can improve your home’s security, and what products are on the market that can help.

Ensure Your Window Locks Are Sufficient
Many believe that their windows are secure simply because they have the built in lock on the handle, however this does not necessarily suffice, particularly as some windows can be of poorer quality than others.

Homesecure sash jammers provide added strength to existing window locks, and can be used on both windows and doors. You could alternatively use a Jackloc safety window restrictor, which fits a removable wire from the window to the window frame, this means that any would be burglar would need to smash out the entire window in order to gain access, which would inevitable alert the neighbors. Window restrictors have the additional benefit of ensuring that your children are safe with the windows open.

Door Locks That Reinforce Your Security
Door locks can serve to reinforce what could already be well protected doors. This is because any door will have a weak point (e.x. a space that hasn’t got a bolt behind it), by placing additional locks on the top and bottom of your door, you can make the life of a would be burglar that much harder. The Yale patio door lock can be used on any PVC door to provide added security.

Home Alarms That Are Not Just Ignored
Many overlook home alarms because of their experience of simply getting annoyed at their neighbors alarm, rather than presuming they were being burgled. While this situation is a common one, there are certain alarms that are less prone to going off in error, and that contact the emergency services directly. Such an example is the ADT range of home alarms, which can incorporate complete security solutions, such as CCTV and smoke detection. They are monitored 24/7 by ADT staff, who will contact you in the case of your alarm being activated.

Safes: Protect Yourself If The Worst Should Happen
While you could do all you can to protect your home, there is always a possibility of a burglar gaining access. In such an instance safes can provide ultimate piece of mind.

The Burton Torino NMT/4P safe, while being one of the more expensive safes, is extremely robust, and is AIS (Association of Insurance Surveyors) approved; this means that insurers recognize it as a safe that can be trusted with extremely valuable items. However the Chubbsafe AIR Laptop safe provides a sufficient budget alternative, and can be used for relatively low value items. This particular safe has been designed to accommodate most laptops with sufficient room, however it can protect other items, such as cash and jewelry.

This guide should have introduced you to some of the key areas that are important to your home’s security. While the products within this guide are considered to effectively meet the needs of most homes, there are a wide range of security products on the market, and you should take your time to research what solutions will meet your needs best.

Matt Johnson writes about a range of home security topics and products for Safe Runner one of the UK’s leading safe retailers.

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  1. Ivy Baker says:

    This is some really good information about home security. I liked that you pointed out that you should think about getting an alarm system. It is good to know that there is a large range of home security systems.

    • Elaine Lakeside says:

      Hi Ivy–Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read our blog! We are truly thankful for you and happy to hear that you found this helpful.

  2. Dan Redd says:

    Great article. There are free security assessment from security providers these days that can be taken advantage of.

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