Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

This week’s theme is all about comfort! It’s still quite frigid out there, so we’ve selected some of our favorite winter-weather items to keep us cozy and comfortable!

3pc gift tote setCozy Throw & Socks Gift Set

While this does make a great gift, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy it for yourself! This three-piece set includes a super soft and cozy throw that combines the best in comfort and style, non-slip socks, and a cute little tote for storage, grocery shopping, or eventually, the beach! This great set comes in a caramel-chocolate color and is the ultimate in comfort. If you’re giving it as a gift, might we suggest adding hot cocoa, cookies, or a bottle of wine to that tote? Happy cozy Valentine’s Day, right?



cozy cardiganFringe Trim Cardigan Sweaters

Everyone deserves to be comfortable while lounging around the house, but soft indoor robes aren’t meant for public, which is why we love these cardigan sweaters. Loose and cozy, but perfect for lounging and totally appropriate for public! You can take a nice and cozy nap and then go to the grocery store in the same outfit. We like it.




mattress padComfort Loft Mattress Pad

So what better place to have ultimate comfort than your bed? If you’ve never had a mattress pad, you’re missing out. This comfort loft mattress pad is the perfect solution to an older or well-worn mattress. It will slightly increase the height of your bed, but with separated boxes of padding, the filling will stay evenly distributed, created a comfortable night’s rest. If you’ve got an older mattress on your hands, you can delay spending another $600 on a new one by purchasing this great mattress pad!



plush animal pillowsMicro-Bead Animal Pillows

If you’re looking for comfortable and cozy, it’s important to include the kids, which is why we love these soft animal pillows. They’re functional, comfortable, and adorable, and you can choose from four different animals: frog, hippo, dog, and monkey! Add them to your kids’ bedroom décor, or keep them on the couch for family snuggling time. They’re perfectly squishy and cuddly, and everyone will love them.



nfl slipper socksNFL Slipper Socks 

And what list this weekend would be complete without some sort of NFL memorabilia? Celebrate your team and say goodbye to another season with these comfy and cozy NFL slipper socks! Seven teams are available, and these fuzzy socks are ready to keep your toes nice and toasty!

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