Five Fun DIY Valentines

We all know it’s really the thought that counts. So whether you’re 3 or 33, you should put a little extra thought into your Valentine’s Day gifts this year with DIY Valentines! We’ve got great ideas for adults and kids. Make cute and clever Valentines with your kids, or create the perfect DIY card to pair with the perfect gift for your Valentine.

I’m Bananas For You

you make me bananas

This is a great party favor for kids to take to their class. Instead of the traditional Valentines with candy, send your kids off with a clever little pun and a healthy treat. Using a small banana (or a snack bag with banana chips), attach a red heart with the saying, “I’m bananas for you,” to the front. With a real banana, you can also help them etch little hearts in the peel the night before. They’ll darken overnight and show up the next day at school!

Image Source: Dream a Little Bigger

I Mustache You: Will You Be Mine?


Playing off the popularity of mustaches these days, you can use a picture of your kid with a fake mustache, mustache stickers, or mustache-shaped lollipops to make this fun Valentine! Just attach your awesome mustache prop to a card that says something like: “I mustache you a question: Will you be my Valentine?”

Image Source: Design Dazzle

Hole-Punch Confetti Cards


This is a good card for any age, and it’s easy enough for anyone! Head over to the craft store and get a few different colors of paper, regular glue (not a stick) and a heart-shaped hole-puncher (look in the kids or crafts sections). Simply punch out a bunch of different colored heart-shaped holes and mix them together. Then draw a design on a blank card or sheet of paper with the glue, and sprinkle the heart-shaped confetti over the card! Shake off the excess and let the glue dry. You can also follow this beautiful how-to for more tips!

Image Source: Design Improvised 

Light Of My Life

This is a cutesy idea that’s best for adults, since candles aren’t always allowed in schools. Grab a candle with your significant other’s favorite scent, and decorate it with a little washi tape or ribbon and affix the message, “You light up my life,” or even, “You’re the flame of my heart.”

Main Squeeze

main squeeze

Finally, we LOVE this adorable idea for another healthy school treat for the kids to take instead of candy. Using squeezable applesauce pouches, simply tie a note with each student’s name and the message, “You’re my main SQUEEZE.”  You can also use refillable smoothie pouches or an individual pouch of peanut, almond, or sun butter with an apple or banana.

Image Source: The Gifting Experts

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