Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

minnie mickey kissHere at The Lakeside Collection we’ve been busy with office Olympics, but we still make time for the holiday of love! We hope that you’ve already stocked up on jewelry, wine, chocolates, flowers, beer, and anything else you need to make today or tonight a huge success for you and yours. We’re highlighting our favorite fun Valentine’s Day gift items in honor of the holiday. Here are some of the items we’re gifting to our loved ones today.

Disney Salt & Pepper Shakers

This is such an adorable gift; everyone will love these cute Disney salt and pepper shakers. Although they’re meant for the kitchen or dining room table, you can also gift them to kids to play with or fill with glitter. We love having these happy little Disney characters on the table, and since they’re not your standard salt and pepper shakers, you never get confused about which is salt and which is pepper. We will definitely be dining with these adorable little shakers this evening. They’re a perfect pair for sweet and sentimental cards, or fun and goofy notes for your Valentine.

Shoe Wine Bottle Holders

What better way to present a bottle of wine to the shoe-lover in your life than in a wine bottle holder shaped like a shoe? Grab your lady’s absolute favorite bottle of wine and present it in this cute wine holder. We think it’s a fun way to display wine for date night, but also a great gift to the single lady in your life who still has plenty of girls’ nights.

LED Light String With Timer

Need another centerpiece for your table? This LED light is the perfect partner for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. We’ve got another month or so until daylight savings, so it’s still pretty dark in the morning and early evenings. With the warm white LED light, we can light up our flower arrangements, centerpieces, houseplants and more, without resorting to open flames. They will look great on the front table paired with roses, wine, and two glasses tonight. No other lights necessary!

Men’s NFL Watches

The NFL season might have come to an end, but a true fan’s loyalty never leaves. These NFL watches are going fast, but we’ve found them to be the perfect piece of memorabilia for a true football fan. They’re an excellent Valentine’s gift for budding relationships because they’re not too expensive, but not meaningless or cliché. Watches are a great gift because they’re stylish and practical – you always need to know the time! These NFL watches are actually perfect for daily use and high movement activities like running and biking because they’re water resistant and contain an adjustable nylon band for comfort.

Enjoy your day of love with treats, sweets, drinks, and enjoyment. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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